Patrick Malahide as George Wilkins

Patrick Malahide

Not George Wilkins, but this guy from Sahara will do instead.

So, I saw Bridget Jones’s Baby.  It is cute and funny and pretty much what you expect of Bridget.   Patrick Malahide appears at the beginning as the foreign secretary (or something like that) George Wilkins.  He’s a lot cuter than Boris Johnson. 😉  I noticed that Wilkins has a thing for very brightly colored socks.  He wore a very conservative suit with incredibly loud socks. Awwww 🙂

I don’t have any pictures of him, (you’re not allowed to snap pics of the movie screen), but he looked incredibly fetching and official.  No surprise there, right?

Anyway, his scene is hilarious.  Wilkins appears on the news program Bridget directs to talk about the death of some mad despot with a funny name.  But, it all goes haywire because newscaster Miranda (Sarah Solemani) confuses Bridget’s private phone conversation (which Miranda is hearing in her earpiece) for the questions she should be asking Mr. Wilkins.   Yes, they are inappropriate.  Patrick Malahide’s expressions are epic.

It is a good movie with lots of laughs, and it is lovely to see Patrick Malahide on the big screen.  🙂



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