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A Look at Magnus Crome

So here he is: Mayor of London, Magnus Crome in all his glory.  He appears in a new “Mortal Engines” featurette around the 42-second mark alongside Hugo Weaving’s Thaddeus Valentine. It is brilliant to see Patrick Malahide and Hugo Weaving … Continue reading

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New Luther Clip Featuring George Cornelius

The BBC have begun promoting the upcoming series of “Luther” which features Patrick Malahide as that roguish old-school London gangster George Cornelius. This shocking (hee) new clip is fantastic and shows that George is as feisty as ever. His eldest … Continue reading

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Guy Fawkes Night Special: Patrick Malahide as King James I

Remember, remember, the fifth of November The Gunpowder Treason and plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot. Happy Guy Fawkes Night Happy Guy Fawkes Night from The Appreciation. In celebration, we’ll have a … Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 53 – Halloween Edition

Admin:  Happy Halloween from The Appreciation RF: Happy Halloween, everyone! 🙂

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Random Malahide Picture(s) 23 – Halloween Edition

As Halloween approaches it is a great time to share these vintage photographs of Patrick Malahide rocking some epic costumes.  The first one was found on the Mirror’s photo archive site.  Vroooom-vroooom! From the description Patrick Malahide January 1974 Actor … Continue reading

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New Mortal Engines Trailer — So where is Magnus Crome?

Universal Pictures have started ramping up the promotional work for Mortal Engines and have even dropped a couple of trailers.  Here is trailer #2.  It looks like a very exciting film and seems extremely well made, but we at the … Continue reading

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Random Malahide Picture(s) 22

Admin:  There is a fascinating blog about a very impressive VHS collection called VHistory.  Tape #1660 covers the 1994 Bafta Production Awards and features a very sharp looking Patrick Malahide who is presenting “Best Television Drama Serial”.  Prime Suspect 3 … Continue reading

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Analysis of a Scene XL: Jeremy Boynton is a Creep

Here are a pair of scenes from the excellent Inspector Morse episode “Driven to Distraction” (recapped here).  Patrick Malahide plays bad boy car salesman and murder suspect Jeremy Boynton.  Despite being a married man, Jeremy is a serial philanderer. Things … Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 52 – Anniversary Edition

Admin: Happy Anniversary from the Appreciation.  We’re six! RF:  A whole six years!  Happy Anniversary!  🙂

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Happy International Kissing Day

Happy International Kissing Day from the Appreciation 🙂

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