Patrick Malahide on BBC London 94.9 Radio

pickwick papers jingle smirk

Mr. Jingle: looking suitably modest.

Patrick Malahide was on the Gaby Roslin radio show today promoting the Indian Summers DVD release.  It is archived for 30 days, link here for anyone to listen to.  He is on for the whole show, bar moments where they break away for news and weather.  Other guests include Stacey Solomon, Anne Reid (she loves The Singing Detective and is a very charming and funny lady), and Jules Knight.  I haven’t listened to all of it yet (it is three hours), but he does say, much to my and especially RFodchuk’s delight, that his favorite character he’s played is Mr. Jingle of The Pickwick Papers.  There will be a full recap later of the interview later, but that is a really neat tidbit. 🙂

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