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Who Are We, Anyway?

532709_3540459483589_351585640_nAdmin:  My name is Angie.  I reside in middle Georgia.  I discovered Patrick Malahide by watching the wonderful Inspector Alleyn; it grew from there. I am also very much into flea marketing, yard sales, antique malls, thrifting and all that good recycle, repurpose, reuse stuff. More about that here, if you care. I like long walks (I don’t even mind the Georgia heat that much) through woods, fields, nature trails, around the block, where-ever. You never know what you’ll find or what wildlife you’ll see. For reading, I like Victoriana (literature and history), medieval mysteries (Cadfael type stuff), spy novels (Cold War), John Mortimer (Rumpole!), Wooster & Jeeves, vintage magazines – especially old Mad Magazines!

Hawker_Hurricane_Close_up_by_davy59RFodchuk:  I live in the wilds of western Canada (it’s not really that wild) where it’s rather cold for much of the year.  I first discovered Patrick Malahide when I saw “Middlemarch” on PBS, and I was completely fascinated.  I was shocked, amazed, and pleasantly surprised when I later encountered “The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries” and realized that Alleyn and Casaubon were being played by the same man (and concurrently, too), which led to seeking out his other works.  My other interests include ancient Near East, medieval, and Victorian history, archaeology, and World War II history, especially World War II aviation.  I also enjoy British mysteries (“Lewis”, “New Tricks”, Jeremy Brett’s “Sherlock Holmes”) and comedies (“Blackadder”), Victorian novels, and movies and books with a healthy dollop of fantasy and/or science fiction.


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