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Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day from the Appreciation!

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Patrick Malahide News: “Mortal Engines”!

Patrick Malahide has a new project coming up!  Fearless Admin discovered that he’s been cast in the film version of “Mortal Engines” (be forewarned, spoilers at that link), the first book of a four-book YA series by Philip Reeve.  The … Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide in Law & Order: UK, S02E01 “Samaritan”

Episode S02E01, “Samaritan” In S02E01 of Law and Order: UK, “Samaritan”, Patrick Malahide reprises his role as that slippery rascal Robert “Limbo” Ridley, QC. This time he is defending a homophobic police officer accused of withholding back-up and medical aid … Continue reading

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Happy Siblings Day!

Happy Siblings Day from the Appreciation!  🙂

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Our Favorite Soppy/Emotional Scenes with Patrick Malahide

In 1994, Patrick Malahide gave an interview about his work on Middlemarch  to The Independent (blogged about here).  There were a few snippets that were especially interesting to us. ‘I have,’ he says, ‘pale blue eyes. You try looking soppy … Continue reading

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