Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day from the Appreciation!

Alleyn enjoying a little light reading about ancient embalming techniques.

Alleyn enjoying a little light reading about ancient embalming techniques.

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Patrick Malahide News: “Mortal Engines”!

Mortal Engines cover art Image source: Wikipedia.org

Image source: Wikipedia.org

Patrick Malahide has a new project coming up!  Fearless Admin discovered that he’s been cast in the film version of “Mortal Engines” (be forewarned, spoilers at that link), the first book of a four-book YA series by Philip ReeveThe Hollywood Reporter provides a few more details:

Game of Thrones actor Patrick Malahide, Arrow actor Colin Salmon and Rege-Jean Page (Roots) have joined the cast of Mortal Engines, the Peter Jackson-produced adaptation of the YA book series by Philip Reeve.


Robert Sheehan (Misfits) leads a cast of rising actors (such as Hera Hilmar with Hugo Weaving and Stephen Lang thrown in for good measure). The story is set in a future world devastated ecologically and technologically, where certain cities such as London are run by engines and move about Earth, giving them the ability to prey on other smaller towns for resources.

The plot centers on a teen named Tom Natsworthy who, along with a young woman from a territory known as the Outlands, uncovers a mystery that could change the world order.

What a steampunk Hugo Weaving could look like

What a steampunk Hugo Weaving could look like

We still don’t have any information about who is playing what just yet, but the premise sounds fascinating.  There’s a steampunk environment with cities roaming the Earth (I’m picturing lots of clanking, turning cogs and gears, and perhaps mechanical Baba Yaga legs), and best of all… I’m absolutely delighted that one of my fondest “Wished For Co-Stars” wishes is coming true: Mr. Malahide will be co-starring with Hugo Weaving!  Eeeeeeee!! (Yes, I actually did squee when I read it.)  Admin and I have long thought that Mr. Malahide would be great in a steampunk setting, and we’re already hoping he and Mr. Weaving get lots of scenes together.  😉

He could be a steampunk scientist, couldn't he?

He could be a steampunk scientist, couldn’t he?

The film is being produced by Peter Jackson of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” fame and directed by Christian Rivers (visual effects director for the 2005 “King Kong” remake under Jackson’s auspices), which suggests that it’s likely to be a big, sprawling epic rich with effects and world-building.  Presumably the production company is hoping sequels will follow from the other novels, so depending on their characters’ fates in the first book, Mr. Malahide and Mr. Weaving could be very busy for a while.  Production is already underway in New Zealand, with the film scheduled for release on December 14, 2018 (according to Heroic Hollywood).  We can hardly wait!  🙂

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Patrick Malahide in Law & Order: UK, S02E01 “Samaritan”

Episode S02E01, “Samaritan”

He’s so gosh darned pleased with himself.

In S02E01 of Law and Order: UK, “Samaritan”, Patrick Malahide reprises his role as that slippery rascal Robert “Limbo” Ridley, QC. This time he is defending a homophobic police officer accused of withholding back-up and medical aid to a gay PC who was fatally wounded on the line of duty by a drug dealer.

There is no doubt for the viewer whatsoever that PC Ray Griffin (Jamie Forman) is guilty. The investigation team and prosecutors know for a fact that he had a nasty habit of secretly handing out anti-gay literature in order to bully and harass gay officers.  They also know that Griffin got a young and impressionable officer to retrieve CCTV footage showing him lurking behind a building watching as PC Nick Bentley (Ashley Rolfe) bled to death from gun shot wounds.

Griffin for his part is claiming that he misheard the call on his radio confusing “Creake Street” where the shooting took place with “Leake Street”.  It is up to the jury to decide his guilt or innocence.

The Last Refuge of the Desperate

“My lady, the charge of misconduct in public office is the last refuge of the desperate.”

Ridley makes his first appearance at the Plea and Case Management Hearing.  He starts off chirpy and jocular. “My lady, the charge of misconduct in public office is the last refuge of the desperate. This might be a matter for internal police discipline, but not criminal proceedings.”

That’s right, the Crown is going for a misconduct charge rather than manslaughter. This has been an extremely difficult and emotionally charged case for police detectives Ronnie Brooks (Bradley Walsh) and Matt Devlin (Jamie Bamber) to investigate. PC Griffin is very well-respected and admired by many of his colleagues who believe him to be a kind and helpful elder officer. It is a horribly difficult position the protagonists find themselves in with accusing a police officer of doing something so awful to the equally well-regarded PC Bentley. The “thin blue line” comes into effect making the investigation all the more difficult. Continue reading

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Happy Siblings Day!

Happy Siblings Day from the Appreciation!  🙂

Sir Hugo Carey-Holden and his brother Dougie, expressing brotherly love.

Sir Hugo Carey-Holden and his brother Dougie, expressing their brotherly love.

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Our Favorite Soppy/Emotional Scenes with Patrick Malahide

Awwww, he doesn’t look beady to me.

In 1994, Patrick Malahide gave an interview about his work on Middlemarch  to The Independent (blogged about here).  There were a few snippets that were especially interesting to us.

‘I have,’ he says, ‘pale blue eyes. You try looking soppy with pale blue eyes.’ Malahide characters specialise in the suggestion of tension, the sketch of depth, usually dark.


he will agree that his acting does have edge, that he has specialised in ‘beady parts’ (as in ‘beady-eyed villain’).

We thought it would be fun to explore some of Mr. Malahide’s more “soppy” moments, though actually they aren’t “soppy” (which sounds wet and overly sentimental) but rather “emotional”.  Emotional is a much better descriptor since we’re talking about scenes that are poignant and touching.

Admin’s Choices:

The Viceroy’s Heart is Broken

In “Indian Summers” S02E09 (recap here), The Viceroy Lord Willingdon finally learns the truth that Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) knowingly allowed Ramu Sood (Alyy Khan) to be convicted and sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit.

What Makes It So Emotional?

Emotions flicker across Lord W's face as he can't ignore what he's hearing. His heart is being broken by the man he regarded as a son.

His heart is being broken by the man he regarded as a son.

The truth is forced upon the Viceroy in a brutally punishing way, though it is difficult to say if Ralph is trying to punish the Viceroy out of malice or is trying to punish himself by turning a man who loves him like a son against him.  I suppose Ralph’s motive scarcely matters because the result is the same:  The Viceroy is completely and utterly shattered. As he is in a public setting, Lord Willingdon forcefully keeps his emotions under check and maintains a stiff upper lip, but the pain in his eyes is incredibly intense and shows the confusion and sense of betrayal he is feeling.  Those “pale blue eyes” definitely come into use in this powerful scene.

But his overwhelming emotion seems to be heartbreak and betrayal.

But his overwhelming emotion seems to be heartbreak and betrayal.

RF:  Yeah, it was left rather ambiguous what Ralph’s motive was.  Perhaps since he wasn’t going to get to be the next Viceroy (not that he ever realistically had a chance, but whatever), he decided to burn all his bridges.  It certainly seemed especially heartless to turn on Lord W. that way, who’d regarded him as a son and tried to help him as much as he could.  Mr. Malahide did an amazing bit of acting with that scene, maintaining a superficially composed exterior while allowing flickers of emotion to cross his face in rapid succession:  betrayal, anger, and above all, hurt. Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide in Law & Order: UK, S01E01 “Care”

In 2009, Patrick Malahide made his first appearance in “Law & Order: UK” as the smug and somewhat slimy, but very entertaining, lawyer Robert “Limbo” Ridley, QC. He was given the nickname Limbo by his own chambers because “there is nothing he won’t stoop to”.

Episode S01E01 “Care”

Robert “Limbo” Ridley, QC and all around smug snake

In episode S01E01, “Care” a baby’s body is found abandoned in a duffle bag at a hospital. The cause of death is carbon monoxide poisoning. The suspect is initially the infant’s mother Dionne Farrah (Venetia Campbell), but the police are puzzled as to how a mother who obviously took very loving care of her baby could do such a horrible thing.

The police learn that she left for work, fearing dismissal, believing the baby would only be alone for a few minutes as the babysitter Serena Jackson (Angela Terence) was on the way over. But when Serena arrived, a neighbor, Mike Turner (Tony Maudsley), who Serena believed to be a caretaker, denied her entry into the apartment claiming he’d never seen her before. When Dionne got home from work the air in her apartment was thick with the poisonous gas. She opened a window and checked on her baby Sean only to find him dead in his crib. Fearing the inevitable accusations and in a state of panic she left him at the hospital.

Later it is discovered that Mike Turner, a silent partner in a firm that buys up and renovates old apartment complexes, was bullying tenants into abandoning their leases so his not-so-silent business partner Maureen Walters (a very energetic Lorraine Ashbourne), could renovate the place and charge higher rents. It is believed Turner willfully tampered with the gas system that poisoned the baby. He is formally charged and Limbo is his lawyer.

You’ve Been Sniffing the Tipp-Ex

Ridley makes his appearance about midway through the episode when Crown Prosecutor James Steel (Ben Daniels) decides to formally charge Mike Turner with “unlawful act manslaughter”.  Ridley, who looks absolutely dashing in is elegant pinstripe power suit, is supremely confident that Steel doesn’t have much of a case. The apartment complex has a professional caretaker named Daniel Matoukou (Babou Ceesay) and the building and services are all his responsibility. Ridley reckons Matoukou is simply trying to shift blame on to Mike Turner.

“You’ve been sniffing the Tipp-Ex. No judge will allow that.”

However, Mike Turner has had previous convictions for GBH (grievous bodily harm) and ABH (actual bodily harm) against tenants, showing he has a history of harassing them out of their leases. Ridley is incredibly smug, “You’ve been sniffing the Tipp-Ex. No judge will allow that,” he says flippantly. And with that Ridley has had enough of these shenanigans. He decisively gathers up his folders and suggests James take up golf, “a better use of your energies. Come along, Mr Turner. See you in court.” And with that he is gone.

Ridley views this prosecution as a complete waste of time, or at least that is the image he is choosing to project. He is doing a very good job of it. His blithe contempt is obvious, and his pointed jibes about Tipp-ex give his sureness a nasty edge. Mike Turner must be feeling pretty confident, but how long will that confidence last? Continue reading

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Happy World Theatre Day!

Happy World Theatre Day from the Appreciation!

Lord Willingdon strides out to thunderous applause in <i>The Importance of Being Earnest</i>.

Lord Willingdon strides out to thunderous applause in The Importance of Being Earnest.

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It’s a Meme! 45 – Birthday Edition

Admin:  Happy Birthday to Mr. Malahide from the Appreciation 🙂

RFodchuk:  Happy birthday, Mr. Malahide!  🙂



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Happy International Happiness Day!

Happy International Happiness Day from the Appreciation!  🙂

Every day is International Happiness Day when you're the Viceroy!

Every day is International Happiness Day when you’re the Viceroy!

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It’s a Meme! 44 – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Admin: Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

RFodchuk:  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Shamrocks and shenanigans for everyone! meme


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