A Clip from Indian Summers

Channel 4 put an Indian Summers clip on their YouTube channel featuring Patrick Malahide as the Viceroy.  The clip is from S02E03.  The poor Viceroy.  He really wanted a peaceful luncheon, but it wasn’t to be.  Still, he tries his level best to keep things pleasant.

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Patrick Malahide Returns as Balon Greyjoy to Game of Thrones

Winner of the War of the Five Kings!  Source: HBO

Take your sweet time entertaining that proposal, Balon. 

Balon Greyjoy will finally re-appear on the May 1st S06E02 episode of Game of Thrones.

Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) trains with the Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow). In King’s Landing, Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) advises Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman). Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) demands good news, but has to make his own. At Castle Black, the Night’s Watch stands behind Thorne (Owen Teale). Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) proposes a plan, and Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide) entertains other proposals.

Source: Winter is Coming

I can’t wait to see him! It will be great to have a return to the Iron Islands.  Of course, this being Game of Thrones, I’m going to be all worried about Lord Balon’s longevity on the show, but maybe (I write ever so hopefully) he’ll continue to surprise with his kraken-like tenacity for life.

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers S02E06

S02E06, A Gift for the King

Watching the revelers arriving with trepidation.

Watching with trepidation as the revelers arrive.

Thankfully we saw considerably more of the Viceroy this week than we have for a couple of weeks now, and he is in fine form.   This was an extremely intense and eventful episode with the Banerjee storyline culminating in tragedy.

Feeling Invaded

"I'm well aware of that, Whelan, but one does feel rather invaded." Irony!

“I’m well aware of that, Whelan, but one does feel rather invaded.” Irony!

Preparations are underway for King George’s Silver Jubilee.  The Viceroy,  posing picturesquely, has clearly had his fill of festivities.   I can’t blame him.  They seem to have some sort of a to-do every week in Simla.  It must be exhausting having regular Mad Tea Parties with the likes of Charlie Havistock and the Maharaja.

“Good grief!  Another damned party,” he growls as the crowds descend upon the Viceregal lodge once more.  Ralph gamely reminds him that this is the King’s Silver Jubilee.   “I’m well aware of that, Whelan, but one does feel rather invaded.”  Invaded? I believe that is what they call irony.

Ralph: "You just speak into it as you..." Viceroy: "Yes, yes, yes...thank you....

Ralph: “You just speak into it as you…” Viceroy: “Yes, yes, yes…thank you….

They go look at the nice deco microphone where the Viceroy will deliver his speech over the wireless.  Ralph helpfully tells the Viceroy that he should just speak into the microphone.  That’s a bit cheeky! Don’t let his old-fashioned duds fool you, the Viceroy knows all about modern technology and snaps back at Ralph, “Yes, yes, yes.  Thank you, I’ve had my fill of advice from Her Excellency,”  then he storms out giving the microphone a very hard stare indeed.

Her Excellency  I would presume is the Vicereine.   The Vicereine figures more prominently this week, so she finally gets an IMDB billing (Annette Maria White).  RFodchuk and I were pleased about that because we have been wanting to know since series one who plays her.  The real Vicereine Willingdon (link goes to a very interesting article in The Hindu, “Madras pushy first lady”) was a fascinating and formidable lady, so it is nice that she now has a casting credit.

Another to-do and another no-show from the Maharaja.  However this time he at least sends a present for the King.   They, the Viceroy and Ralph, are still trying to curry the Maharaja’s favor so his no-show is a disappointment, but more on that in a bit.

Ralph talks about how he should say the King stands apart..

Ralph talks about how he should say the King stands apart..

Whelan meets up again with the Viceroy who is going over his speech with one of his guards.  He hands it over to Ralph, “Here it is, my tribute to the King…that blasted thingmie.”  Ralph informs him it is called a “wireless.”  “The broadcast, yes, I am familiar with the terms.”  The Viceroy is being very prickly today.

He wants to know what Ralph *really* thinks of the speech, so he welcomes helpful criticism as opposed to that speak into the microphone guff.  Ralph suggests they tackle the nationalist issue head on.  They decide to reinforce the idea of the King being a constant presence, standing above them all, and how without his presence they would all be poorer.  The Viceroy likes all that and swipes the paper back and zooms off for some last minute revisions. Just then “Munshi” (Aafrin) walks in to have a word with Ralph. Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S02E05

Indian Summers, S02E05:  “Hide and Seek”

The Viceroy is just passin' through. Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S02E05

The Viceroy is just passin’ through.

We only saw a little bit of Lord Willingdon (Mr. Malahide) in the latest episode of “Indian Summers“, due to the fact that so many soap opera-y things happened in the previous ep (which he wasn’t in) that a lot of clearing away of stray storylines needed to happen.  It seems that everything goes a bit squirrely whenever Lord W. isn’t around to keep an eye on things.  I also thought there was a lot of missed potential to get his take on events, rather than just having him appear for an official announcement.  But first, the soap opera!

Leena Prasad (Amber Rose Revah) has been arrested and imprisoned, still in her fashion show gown (yes, they had a fashion show at Cynthia’s club for some reason, vaguely explained as “for charity”) for attacking Lord Hawthorne (James Fleet) with a hurricane lamp when he attempted to molest her.  In reality, Hawthorne’s attacker was Ralph’s illegitimate son Adam (Dillon Mitra), who was attempting to rescue Leena from Hawthorne’s increasingly forceful attentions.  Hawthorne knows this very well and wants Adam caught and punished, while Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) will do just about anything to protect him, including sending Adam out of Simla with missionary Dougie Raworth (Craig Parkinson) while blaming Leena for the crime.  When Superintendent Rowntree (Guy Williams) comes looking for Adam at Chotipool, Ralph’s wife Madeleine (Olivia Grant) covers for him with a believable lie about his whereabouts, proving she’s especially adept at thinking on her feet.

A Mysterious Photograph

Baby Ralph with his happily smiling mother and a disembodied hand.

Baby Ralph with his happily smiling mother
and a disembodied hand.

But just because Adam should be on the run doesn’t mean he and Ralph can’t do some bonding, looking over old photographs and keepsakes from Ralph’s childhood.  Strangely enough, for a man who spent most of series 1 trying to keep Adam’s existence secret, Ralph seems to have taken to his son with a rarely shown warmth in series 2.  He even shows Adam one of his baby pictures, depicting Ralph’s mother smiling happily as she cuddles an infant Ralph  (hmmm, not too many Edwardian photos where people grinned like that; the long exposure times tended to preclude it).  But who belongs to that disembodied hand on her left shoulder??  And why is the photo torn in half?  There’s only one other torn-in-half photo that’s been prominently displayed in the series, so the answer is a wee bit telegraphed… but we’ll soon find out for sure.
Continue reading

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Random Malahide Picture 14: Inspector Alleyn

Here’s a rather nice picture I stumbled across on Amazon:  a publicity still from “A Man Lay Dead“, S01E01 of the “Inspector Alleyn Mysteries” (1993), in which Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn (Mr. Malahide) has just encountered the very first victim of the series:

"Hold still or I'll thump you a second time." Patrick Malahide as Inspector Alleyn in "A Man Lay Dead"

“Hold still or I’ll thump you a second time.”
(Image source: amazon.com)

It’s rather unusual in that we don’t usually have the victim just lying around on the floor in these pictures while Alleyn looks ravishing.  And he does look ravishing, if very, very serious, with a very intense gaze.  Perhaps he’s worried about ruining the crease in his trousers, or whether Troy (Belinda Lang) liked the birthday present he got her (you can find out all about it in my review here).  I also feel a bit sorry for the victim, who had to lie motionless under that blanket for a while.  Anyway, most of the publicity stills I’ve seen have been black and white ones distributed to PBS as part of their Masterpiece Theatre series, so it was a refreshing change to see one in full colour (I particularly like the rich blues of Alleyn’s lovely double-breasted suit), with the evocative lighting we’ve come to expect from the “Inspector Alleyn” series.

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers S02E03

He's trying very hard to keep in a good humour.

Cricket whites!!

Hooray! We get to see those cricket whites in action. S02E03 of Indian Summers is particularly noteworthy because the highly enjoyable cricketing aspect comes from Patrick Malahide’s suggestion that the real Lord Willingdon’s love of cricket be acknowledged. You can read all about that here.

A Visiting Maharaja

Simla has two very intriguing guests in the form of a visiting Maharaja (Art Malik) and his lover Sirene (Rachel Griffiths). Glamorously decadent, they lounge in their opulent tent smoking hashish. Well, I guess it is hashish.  The Viceroy wouldn’t approve either way.

"He is our best chance to get the other princes to support the bill."

“He is our best chance to get the other princes to support the bill.”

The Viceroy has the task of winning the Maharaja around to the British view of supporting the contentious bill. The Viceroy reckons this Maharaja has influence and is their best chance of getting the other princes’ support. He is emphatic and gives Ralph a very penetrating blue eyed stare.

While he’s speaking, one of his many crimson attired attendants slips a

And he's off just as it slipped on.

And he’s off just as it is slipped on.  No dilly-dallying!

gorgeous frock coat on him. It is nice to see the Viceroy in some new duds especially in such handsome attire as frock coats and cricket whites.

The Viceroy and Ralph continue discussing the importance of getting princes to support bills as they stomp out. The Viceroy gets his stick, gloves and pith helmet from yet another crimson attired attendant who is standing outside holding them. RFodchuk and I always find these

He basically just whisks by, grabbing everything.

He basically just whisks by, grabbing everything.

elements really intriguing with their over-the-topness. I fully expect it is a pretty good representation of what Viceregal life was genuinely like.  It shows how the Viceroy was truly the Royal representative in India.

Not impressed with it only being a five-gun salute.

Not impressed with it only being a five-gun salute.

Ralph tells the Viceroy that the guards are preparing a five-gun salute. “Five?” Uh-oh. The Viceroy is unimpressed. He’d rather have seven or nine. “The more the merrier.”  I love the way his frock coat flares out as he briskly zooms along. Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S02E02

Can't a Viceroy just have a nice, simple game of croquet? Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S02E02

Can’t a Viceroy just have a nice, simple game of croquet?

When last seen in the Indian Summers series 2 opener (as ably reviewed by Fearless Admin), Patrick Malahide’s Lord Willingdon had just managed to survive an assassination attempt (by (thankfully) fake grenade) and a subsequent “little heart attack” as threats to his final year as Viceroy, while remaining convinced of his private secretary Ralph Whelan’s (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) unswerving loyalty. However, little does he realize he’s about to be subject to much more insidious betrayals from within (*cough*Ralph*cough*), with episode 2 setting up some the machinations that will be at work.

The episode opens with the search for the seditious pamphleteer, who is actually Aafrin Dalal (Nikesh Patel).  However, Superintendent Rowntree (Guy Williams) has shot Naresh Banerjee (Arjun Mathur), one of the more violent revolutionaries, as the culprit by mistake, due to a deliberate misidentification by Aafrin’s current girlfriend, Kaira (Sughanda Garg).  While searching for Banerjee, Rowntree and his men turn up Leena Prasad (Amber Rose Revah) living rough in the woods, looking rather like Ralph’s illicit love Jaya upon her first appearance in series 1.  Leena had been working for Simla’s mission orphanage for half-caste children, so obviously something has gone drastically sideways in her life.  Anyway, Aafrin tries to direct the investigation away from where Banerjee is, fearing that he’ll be revealed as the pamphleteer if Banerjee talks.

A Visitor to the Viceregal Lodge

Lord Hawthorne arrives to stir up trouble

Lord Hawthorne arrives to stir up trouble

Meanwhile, back at the Viceregal Lodge, the Viceroy is *not* delighted to greet Lord Hawthorne (James Fleet), a highly placed official with the Indian Office, upon his arrival in Simla.  Everything about Lord W’s demeanour suggests he’s not exactly thrilled by his new guest, but he’s trying to be polite.  Mind you, Lord Hawthorne doesn’t make it any easier by presenting the Viceroy out with a large box which turns out to contain a croquet set instead of the expected champagne.  “How kind,” says Lord W, with exactly the same enthusiasm as if he’d received a dead fish.  He was much happier about the socks he got from the Widow Cardue in episode 1.  Lord Hawthorne’s arrival also prompts the Viceroy to give Ralph some bad news he’d been putting off:  namely, that Lord Hawthorne will likely be the next Viceroy, scuttling Ralph’s chances.  (Side note:  Realistically, Ralph’s chances would be nil anyway because (1) he’s a commoner, (2) he has no aristocratic connections besides Lord W., and (3) he’s never been a governor of anything.  “Indian Summers” has played a bit fast and loose with Viceregal selection ever since series 1.)
Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 38 – Birthday Edition

RF:  Happy birthday to Mr. Malahide from both of us at the Appreciation!  🙂

malahide birthday meme
malahide mccrum birthday meme

Admin:  Happy Birthday! 🙂

birthday meme 01 birthday meme 02

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S02E01

Plenty of glare on that newspaper :-o

His day starts smoothly enough.

Finally! Another series of Indian Summers has begun. There has been a three year time jump, and Simla is more heated and chaotic then ever. Unfortunately for the Viceroy Lord Willingdon, he is going to see just how chaotic things can get.

Mock Assassination Attempt

The Holi festival of colors is in full swing. As the Viceroy is traveling through the streets in his open top Rolls Royce Phantom a group of brightly powdered children are running loose. One of them has a hand grenade and pulls the pin, tossing it into the Viceroy’s car. The look on the Viceroy’s face, unsurprisingly, is one of pure terror.

Perfect look of terror on his face.

Perfect look of terror on his face.

While this is going on, Aafrin is shown typing a newsletter . He has joined a group of freedom fighters. Or are they terrorists just using him? Well, that clearly is something Aafrin, who doesn’t actually want to hurt anyone to achieve a free India, will struggle with this series, and you can be sure the sly Ralph Whelan won’t be making matters any easier for him.

Awwwww :-(

Awwwww :-(

Thankfully for Willingdon (and Patrick Malahide fans, we want to see a lot more of the Viceroy this series) the grenade was harmless. However, the fright wasn’t harmless. Lord Willingdon suffered a “small heart attack” as a result.

The next scene has Ralph discovering the Viceroy sleeping in bed. Willingdon doesn’t look very comfortable, though, and appears to be having just a little bit of difficulty breathing. Continue reading

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What’s On TV Interview with Patrick Malahide

That's enough time resting.  Now get in those cricket whites!

That’s enough time resting. Now get in those cricket whites!

What’s On TV have a really nice interview up with Patrick Malahide where he talks about Indian Summers, Minder and Game of Thrones.  Here are a couple of excerpts I found extra interesting.

Willingdon is the only character in Indian Summers based on a real person. Has that made a difference to your performance?
“I’ve done a bit of research on Willingdon so I’ve been able to feed in little things I’ve found out about him. Indian Summers’ writer Paul Rutman is really generous and collaborative and we often talked about the way the character was going. Paul’s very receptive. For example, when I mentioned to Paul that Willingdon was a first-class cricketer and wouldn’t it be great if he played cricked in India somehow, Paul being Paul, he grabbed that idea and turned it into something very clever…”

Will we see you in cricket whites?
“Later in the series you’ll see the Viceroy hold a cricket match in order to get various political parties to co-operate. Cricket becomes metaphor for trying to get an agreement through sport. So that’s the gem of an idea from an actor being taken up by the writer and turned into something else. It’s been really enjoyable to take a little bit of responsibility for the character.”

You show no signs of slowing down in your career, is that because you love the work?
“It’s the work really. If decent roles keep coming in, I’ll keep doing it! I’m lucky in that, as I get older, I get to be a bit pickier. It’s a very long time to pretend to be other people!”
Source: What’s On TV

And here’s hoping that Mr. Malahide chooses to pretend to be other people for many more years to come!  There is a lot more to the interview, so check it out.

And, Indian Summers S02E01 has aired and is as intriguing as ever….maybe even more so.   There will be a recap coming soon.  🙂

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