Patrick Malahide in Indian Summers S01E07 Promo Clip

Channel 4 have added this great little video to their YouTube channel. Ralph is trying to convince the Viceroy, Lord Willingdon and Cynthia Coffin to postpone the annual play. I like how fidgety the Viceroy is around the 50second mark. There is a lot tension there. This is a really intriguing and well-acted scene. I can’t wait to see it in full context.

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It’s a Meme! 33 — Birthday Edition

Admin: Happy Birthday to Patrick Malahide from the Appreciation.

birthday-meme-02 birthday-meme-01

RF:  Happy birthday, Mr. Malahide!  :-)

malahide viceroy birthday meme

malahide chopper birthday meme


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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S01E05

He's mostly benevolent, but don't take that for granted...  Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S01E05

He’s mostly benevolent, but don’t take that for granted…

After a perfectly delightful first introduction to the Viceroy of India, Patrick Malahide’s Lord Willingdon, in episode 4 (entertainingly and ably reviewed by Admin), we begin to get a little more of a sense of what the man’s like in Indian Summers, S01E05.  While at first he comes across as a benevolent, if slightly nosy (and dotty) uncle with a fondness for meddling and matchmaking, we see more of his political acumen and canniness in this episode, as well as a brief glimpse of his claws when he’s crossed.  But who in their right mind would dare to cross the Viceroy?

“Prepare to Eat Cake”

Before we get to that, we see the outcome of Viceregal Private Secretary Ralph Whelan’s (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) proposal to Madeleine Mathers (Olivia Grant), the U.S. steel heiress.  She said yes (no kidding!), so just about everyone in Simla has been invited to a lavish engagement party at the Viceregal Lodge, hosted by the Viceroy and Vicereine.  This includes people you wouldn’t normally think would be invited to such a swank ‘do, like missionaries Dougie (Craig Parkinson) and Sarah Raworth (Fiona Glascott), Dougie’s assistant Leena Prasad (Amber Rose Revah), for whom he has an irresistible attraction, and newbie tea merchant Ian McLeod (Alexander Cobb), who has just been thrust into the business due to his drunken uncle’s untimely (yet rather predictable) demise.  It’s all quite delightfully convoluted and about to get more so, and no one can figure out why the invitations mysteriously read, “Prepare to eat cake”.  Ralph even mentions to local hotspot owner Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters) that he’s taken out “a small loan” to tide him over for the summer, in part because of the expense.  Does the Viceroy not pay him enough?

Inviting the Untouchable

Trying to convince Dr. Kamble of his sincerity

Trying to convince Dr. Kamble of his sincerity

But Ralph has to get some business out of the way first.  In accordance with Lord W’s directive to “break things up a bit” with regards to Gandhi’s Hindu majority, Ralph offers Dr. Kamble (Sanjeev Bhaskar), the Untouchables leader, a guaranteed seat at parliament which he says Dr. Kamble would never be able to obtain from the Indian National Congress.  To further cement his offer and gain a political foothold, Ralph takes the unprecedented step of personally inviting Dr. Kamble to his engagement party as a show of his sincerity – without clearing it with Lord W. first.  Surely that won’t cause much of a problem!

Asking Ralph if he's received his costume for the party: "Nothing to do with me. All my wife's idea."

Asking Ralph if he’s received his costume for the party:
“Nothing to do with me. All my wife’s idea.”

Afterwards, Ralph checks in with the Viceroy.  Lord W. first asks if he’s been “kitted out” with his costume, which is apparently all the Vicereine’s idea – plausible deniability if the idea turns out to be a bust, I’m thinking.  ;-)  But then Lord W. takes Ralph aside for a more private chat: his ADC (I’m assuming the abbreviation refers to his “aide-de-camp“, a character we haven’t met whose duties seem to be similar yet different from Ralph’s) has informed him that Ralph “took it upon [him]self” to invite Dr. Kamble to the engagement party.  The phrasing alone tells us that Ralph has just sailed into very murky waters, although Ralph doesn’t seem too worried yet.  “Well, naturally I told him he was misinformed,” adds Lord W., with a small, deprecating laugh without much humour in it, giving Ralph a last-second opportunity to save himself.  However, seemingly heedless of any danger, Ralph confirms that he did indeed invite Dr. Kamble as a deliberate “extra push” to encourage Untouchable support for the British.
Continue for more synopsis and a gallery

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Couple of Indian Summers Gifs of the Viceroy

A fun random scene from Indian Summers episode 5. The Viceroy has an admirer ;-)

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It’s a Meme! 32 – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

RF:  Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Appreciation!  :-)

drunk chisholm st patricks day meme

Admin  Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  

patricks day meme

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers S01E04

Ralph: "How was the meeting?" Lord Willingdon: "Plenty of time for all that."

Finally!!  The Viceroy!!

YAY!!!  In episode 4 of Indian Summers, they introduce the Viceroy, Lord Willingdon. He makes an exciting entrance in his Rolls Royce Phantom. Everyone is bowing or curtseying as it drives down the street. The sense of excitement and anticipation is high.

Meet the Viceroy

The Viceroy himself is pretty excited. He is extremely fond of Ralph (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and wastes no time in hunting him down. Lord Willingdon isn’t even dismayed to not find Ralph at work, “so much the better, we’ll surprise him.”

Ralph, however, is very surprised since he is  in his bedroom with Madeleine Mathers (Olivia Grant), an American woman he has been closely attached to. Ralph recovers quickly and ensures that the syce (Indian term for groom) is notified in case the Viceroy wants to ride, and that they have coffee ready, “that bitter Nilgiris stuff he likes to drink and complain about.”

The Viceroy's back! Greeting Ralph at his house: "Ah, my boy!"

The Viceroy’s back! Greeting Ralph at his house: “Ah, my boy!”

Anyway, after Ralph has a little discussion about whether or not the Mathers will be leaving (Madeleine’s brother Eugene (Edward Hogg) is growing impatient), the Viceroy comes stomping up the path, “couldn’t get the car up the bloody road.” The servants all bow close to the ground. It is an incongruous sight because the Viceroy is only interested in Ralph, calling him “my boy,” with open arms. I thought he would hug Ralph, but  instead he just claps him on the shoulder. Stiff upper lip and all that, I guess. :-) There is a huge amount of affection in the scene, and it is obvious the Viceroy is truly happy.

"Now, you can get your chap... if he can get up... [because, like everyone else, Ralph's servant is genuflecting] and bring me some of that dreadful south Indian coffee I enjoy so much."

“Now, you can get your chap… if he can get up… [because, like everyone else, Ralph’s servant is genuflecting] and bring me some of that dreadful south Indian coffee I enjoy so much.”

There is a sweet moment where Lord Willingdon proves Ralph right about the coffee, “now, you can get your chap, if he’d like to get up, to bring me some of that dreadful South Indian coffee you enjoy so much.” I like that bit a lot. The “chap” he is referring to is Ralph’s butler/valet Bhupi (Ash Nair), and I felt kind of bad for him having to bow so low to the ground. But, it shows that the Viceroy, who appears to be unaware of all those around him bar Ralph, completely gets his surroundings. He might seem a little dotty with his unbridled affection for Ralph, but don’t be fooled.

A Fun Game of Golf

Later the Viceroy is playing golf with Ralph, Ralph’s assistant Ronnie Keane (Rick Warden), and Aafrin Dalal (Nikesh Patel). Mr. Dalal is the young Indian clerk who inadvertently took a bullet intended for Ralph. There are loads of questions as to why someone would want to shoot Ralph, but for right now Mr. Dalal is being fast tracked to a potential Head Clerk position.

Lord W.: "He has the look of a teacher! Mr. Whelan's very own munshi."

Lord W.: “He has the look of a teacher! Mr. Whelan’s very own munshi.”

As is customary, Dalal bows before the Viceroy, but he’s having none of that, “Any man who stands before a bullet, I think can look me in the eye, don’t you?” The Viceroy is immediately impressed with Mr. Dalal saying “he has the look of a teacher…Mr Whelan’s very own Munshi. So much the better, Mr Dalal. We need all the education we can get.” I think there might be some foreshadowing there. Continue reading

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Finally See the Viceroy in Action

Last night on Channel 4, they *finally* showed the Viceroy.   About time too!  He is everything I hoped for and then some. There will be a full recap to come later, but for right now I’ll just say that Patrick Malahide turned in an excellent, charismatic, and charming performance. It is soooo good! :-) I found this beautiful photo on Digital Spy, but there will be more to come courtesy of RFodchuk.

The blue-eyed Viceroy

The blue-eyed Viceroy.  Source: Digital Spy

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Disappointed Dads (Played by Patrick Malahide)

We’ve seen Mr. Malahide play Clergymen, Forties, and Obsessed gentlemen, and Cads (both Classic and Modern), but how about… Disappointed Dads?  Fearless Admin and I thought about it, and we realized that it seems to be a common theme running through some of his characters, so here, without further ado, are some of Mr. Malahide’s best (or most disappointed) father figures.

Balon Greyjoy  |  Rev. Patrick Brontë  |  Lord Glendenning  |  Dr. Forbes  |  Jack Turner  |   Sir John Conroy  |  The Most Disappointed Dad of All

Balon Greyjoy
(Game of Thrones, 2012 – 2013)

Who is He the Father of, and Why is He Disappointed?

"Why am I saddled with this screw-up??"  Disappointed Dads Played by Patrick Malahide

“Why am I saddled with this screw-up??”

RF:  He’s the Lord Reaper of Pyke, King of the Iron Islands, head of House Greyjoy, and ringleader of a failed rebellion against King Robert Baratheon of Westeros.  His two older sons (presumably not screw-ups) perished in that rebellion, so now he’s left with his daughter Yara and youngest son Theon, the latter of whom he had to give up as hostage to Nedd Stark for the previous nine years or so.  When he finally meets Theon again, it would be an understatement to say he’s drastically disappointed with what he gets.  Apparently exposure to the Starks has softened Theon past any usefulness or redeemability.  He’s very pleased with Yara, though, who’s a chip off the old… rock.

Admin:  Theon wore a cape clasp.  That was a terrible idea because Ironborn men should only wear jewelry that they’ve removed from corpses they’ve made.  They aren’t supposed to actually pay for the stuff!  Then he hands over a letter from his buddy Robb Stark asking Balon to pledge fealty to the “wolf pup”.  That was actually pretty great because Patrick Malahide did that super-cute beak motion with his fingers when he mocked Theon as Robb’s “trained raven”.   All-in-all, it made for a terrible homecoming but an awesome scene.

How Does He Show His Disappointment?  Or Does He?

The infamous Greyjoy Slap

The infamous Greyjoy Slap

RF:  Oh yes, he does.  First, by giving Yara an affectionate hug while the both of them smirk condescendingly at Theon, telling Theon Yara is his designated heir, then by smacking Theon across the room when he makes Balon uncomfortably aware that he gave up Theon to the Starks with nary a protest.  Perhaps it’s best not to question your dad when he’s a ruthless, self-made pirate lord.

Admin:  That was an epic smack!!  Theon bodily represents everything that went wrong with Balon’s life after the failed rebellion.
Continue reading

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Another Photo of Patrick Malahide on the Luther Set

Here is another photo of Patrick Malahide filming Luther with Idris Elba.  I like this one since you can see him more clearly, and he looks gorgeous.   He has his jacket over his head half the time in the others so this is a nice change.  :-D  This one is from ContactMusic.

Patrick Malahide and Idris Elba filming Luther.

Patrick Malahide and Idris Elba filming Luther. Source: ContactMusic.


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Patrick Malahide on Indian Summers Channel 4 – March 8

indian summers

The Viceroy and his Rolls Royce Phantom. Source: What’s On TV

From What’s On TV:

9:00pm, Sunday, 8 March 2015,Channel 4

The Viceroy (the only character based on a real person, and played by Patrick Malahide) arrives in Simla this week to a welcome of clinking glasses and sparkling conversation, but he seems set on discussing his private secretary’s romantic affairs. He’s keen to meet Ralph’s ‘young lady’, but if Eugene gets his way, Madeleine will be on the next boat back to Chicago. Meanwhile, Aafrin makes high demands on Alice when he worries his home will be searched, and sneaky Sarah (Fiona Glascott, playingthe snooty missionary’s wife beautifully) does some digging of her own when news from home reveals Alice is lying about her ‘dead’ husband.

Can’t wait to see him in action.

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