Patrick Malahide as Magnus in the One Game: Saturday

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Bad Dreams

Admin: The episode opens with Nick Thorne having bad dreams about Jenny who then morphs entering Magnus’ car.  She morphs into Fay.  Could this be symbolic of Nick wondering who he can trust?

Even in the Lobster's blurry nightmares, Magnus is all courteous and polite to ladies.

Even in blurry nightmares, Magnus is courteous and polite to ladies.

RF:  Nick flashes back to Jenny’s kidnapping, then imagines her getting into Magnus’ car quite willingly while Magnus courteously holds the door for her.  As you say, it does seem to suggest he has trust issues, perhaps thinking Jenny is in cahoots with Magnus,  or suspecting she doesn’t dislike Magnus as much as Nick thinks she should.  However, dream Magnus looks quite amused and pleased with himself as he drives off, doing some hard-earned gloating.

Admin: Meanwhile Jenny is quite comfy in a large four poster bed in Magnus’ mansion.  Magnus, who is a shockingly gallant kidnapper, brings her breakfast up on a silver (you know it is, silver marks and all) tray. Jenny tells him to “give it to the bloody dogs.” He has no reaction and just casually whistles to them. The dogs leap on the bed (Jenny doesn’t like that) and wolf it all down. “Whatever you say,” says Magnus drolly.

Watching the dogs wolf down her breakfast: "Whatever you say."

Watching the dogs wolf down her breakfast: “Whatever you say.”

RF:  I like the way Magnus takes Jenny’s words at face value.  😀  I bet she wasn’t really expecting him to feed her breakfast to the dogs.  And while he’s prepared to keep her in relatively comfortable surroundings, he’s not going to be overly patient about dealing with her.  They do definitely have a prior relationship, though.

Admin:  Magnus never misses an opportunity to show that he is in charge, it seems.

Video Revival

Admin: Thorne is watching the video Magnus sent again. “It is the same no matter how many times you watch it,” points out Fay over her toast. Oh, I don’t know. I find there is always something new to be seen when watching a Malahide performance multiple times, so I don’t see why Nick should feel any different. :-)

RF:  And in contrast to Magnus’ neat-as-a-pin appearance, Nick has just about the worst case of bed head ever.  😀  In another nice bit of foreshadowing, Fay asks Nick how Magnus could’ve possibly gotten into his office.  “Same way he got past those code barriers on the computer,” answers Nick.  “Magic.”  (Note:  Nick has a lot of misplaced confidence in his ability to generate effective passwords.)  “He’s gone to a hell of a lot of trouble, hasn’t he?” notes Fay.  “Mm hmm.  Always did,” replies Nick.  Oh Nick, you have no idea.

RF:  It’s also worth noting that Fay has some archery equipment – not on display, but used-looking – leaning up against the wall in her flat.  It could mean nothing, but… given the other medieval imagery at work, I think it’s a giant hint that Fay is not as she seems.

Admin:  Yep.  And we know who else seems to like medieval things. 😉

watching Magnus do gloat rolls all over his office. At one point Magnus calls him a "helpless little boy", mwaaa haaaa haaa!

Magnus calls him a “helpless little boy”, :)

Admin: Anyway, we get to see a bit more than last time since Magnus gets out of the chair and takes a little stroll around Nick’s office. “Remember the reality game theory, Nicholas: Anything can happen; anyone can play. No object except to continue being a player. The ultimate game, and it’s here, in practice, not theory. I wondered how to entice you, and then I remembered that what you hate most of all is the feeling that deep down, you’re just a helpless little boy. Coming out to play, Nicholas?”  He says that last bit mockingly.

RF:  And what better way to make Nick feel helpless than to strut around his office, sit in his chair, touch all his stuff, and kidnap his ex-wife in front of his very eyes?

Admin: Magnus can be pretty cutting when he wants to be. He is certainly poking Nick where it hurts most and appears to be taking great delight in doing so. And I have to say that Magnus is peddling his reality game theory rather nicely. Maybe he makes a pretty good Steve Jobs, afterall. 😉

RF:  By now, we’re all thinking that whatever Nick did to Magnus, it had to have been something really juicy and/or bad to provoke this sort of retaliation.  Or… Magnus is a bit mad and overdoes all of his reactions, no matter what the slight.  We’ll have to see which it is. Continue reading

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Random Malahide Picture 13

I found some neat Patrick Malahide pics at the PBS Indian Summers pages.

First up, this nice one which is suitable for desktop wallpaper, it is certainly big enough (click for larger version).


Click for larger version: Patrick Malahide as The Viceroy looking very viceregal. Source: PBS

And this little character bio, which amused me, particularly this bit:  “stout, sturdy military man, Lord Willingdon is the Viceroy of India…”  Stout?  He looks pretty trim to me.  RFodchuk, however, pointed out they probably mean something more along the lines of “stout-hearted” which makes a lot more sense. :-)

Lord Willingdon and Patrick Malahide bios.  Source: PBS

Lord Willingdon and Patrick Malahide bios. Source: PBS

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Patrick Malahide as Magnus in the One Game: Friday

What, doesn't everyone crawl out of the river in the middle of the night?

What, doesn’t everyone crawl out of the river in the middle of the night?

In April, I wrote that Network DVD would be re-releasing The One Game at the end of June. Of course, that time has long since come and gone, and now it looks like they will be releasing it in May 2016. Hopefully they will. In the meantime, we’ve decided to take a more in-depth look at this excellent series since the original blog post on it is a bit terse, actually.

So here is a little recap on Patrick Malahide’s performance as Magnus in The One Game, Episode One: Friday

A Mysterious Stranger

But it's okay, because he makes friends easily

He makes friends easily

Admin: It opens with creepy synth music playing as a mysterious stranger, who has presumably been doing a spot of swimming, emerges from the dark. Rats are everywhere and he seems to get on well with them, picking one up. Awwww.

RF:  It’s also worth noting that our stranger is soaking wet to the skin, barefoot in pyjamas (and it’s very cold out, since we can see Mr. Malahide’s breath; kudos to him for what must have been a rather uncomfortable scene to shoot), and doesn’t appear to have had a haircut for a while.  But perhaps he’s the sort of eccentric who enjoys going for a midnight swim in his jammies.  😉  He also conveniently finds a pair of boots in just his size as he’s communing with the rats, so either the rats are extremely well-trained and brought them or someone left them for him.  But he’s Mysterious™,  so we’ll have to wait to find out.

Admin: He then goes to an abandoned mansion, well not too abandoned since a couple of beautiful Alsatian dogs are there. He feeds them tins of dog food and in a strange moment helps himself to some of the dog food. That is especially weird since we later see him with a glass of wine getting ready to watch a bit of TV. Who knew that red wine went so well with Alpo?

And yes, that can he's eating from does say "Top Dog" on it.

And yes, that can he’s eating from does say “Top Dog” on it.

RF:  The dogs seem to like our stranger and didn’t bark at his entrance, so I think we can guess that the mansion might be his.  As for his taste in cuisine, he should’ve gotten whoever left him the boots (and presumably fed the dogs while he was away) to at least leave him a tv dinner or something!  Also note that our Stranger gains access to the mansion by passing his hand over a small triangular opening next to the front door, almost like magic – no keys required.  Foreshadowing!  😉

What a waste of wine!

Admin: He flips the channels around a bit before settling on something starring Stephen Dillane who is talking about his video game company. When asked about the guys who make his video games, Nicholas Thorne (Dillane) makes an unscrewed gesture at his head. The mysterious man does NOT like that and chucks the bottle at the television….SMASH! And cue opening credits.

Admin:  Yep, that is our Magnus and it is a great intro. On later viewing, I realize how well it sums him up. We get a massive hint at how determined he is since he’s obviously been swimming in the cold (you can see his breath in the wharf air). He is clearly a friend of the animals which kind of speaks to his somewhat neo-Pagan / Arthurian vibe. And, he has issues with Thorne, which was hinted at with the bottle smashing. I love that bit. :-)

Opening Credits

Opening Credits

RF:  Yeah, the outburst just comes out of nowhere since we’ve had no hint up to that point that the sight of Thorne on tv might make Magnus that angry.  But going by the size of the mansion and the furniture inside, he can probably afford another television or two.  Agreed that the entire opening scene – during which Mr. Malahide says not a word – is an excellent short sketch of Magnus’ character and the determination we’re going to see him put into action.

RF:  The opening title/credit designs, which have a sort of medieval illumination look to  them, are also rife with gaming, magic, and neo-Pagan/Arthurian imagery, as well as caricatures of characters  and events we haven’t seen yet (but will).  Lots more foreshadowing.  They’re really well done, as is the music, for its time.

Admin:  It has a really good soundtrack which combines Medieval sounds with a 1980s synth.  The effect is rather spellbinding and melodic.  You can listen to the opening music (Saylon Dola by Chameleon) here. Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide in Drama Connections: Minder

Patrick Malahide discussing Minder.

Patrick Malahide discussing Minder.

In 2005, Patrick Malahide appeared in the documentary Drama Connections S01E04: Minder. Drama Connections would look at well-loved groundbreaking television shows. Actually, Mr. Malahide appeared in two episodes of this series, as they also took a look at The Singing Detective in episode seven. It’s a pity they didn’t also do an episode focusing on Middlemarch; they should have gone for three. :-)

It is so nice to get to hear Mr. Malahide talk out of character about Minder. And he looks very fit and is really stylish in his pinkish striped shirt and neutral tone jacket, I got to say.

Groundbreaking Comedy Drama and The Sweeney

One of the things that made Minder, which ran from 1979 to 1994, groundbreaking was that, initially, they didn’t really know what genre to call it. It had elements of action, drama and comedy. Of course, today there are loads of comedy-dramas, New Tricks being a very popular one, but back then the format was far less common. According to Patrick Malahide, Minder “could be quite tough and, you know, there would be action sequences, and then suddenly it could be quite sad.”

"Eureka!" Finding heroin in the lorry's gas tank, with a pleased smirk.

“Eureka!” Mason in The Sweeney.

The Minder story starts with Euston Films’ popular series The Sweeney which began as a feature for Armchair Theatre. Patrick Malahide has appeared twice in Sweeney productions. Once in a very brief role as Major Conway during a bomb scare scene in the feature film Sweeney 2, and later in S04E03 Drag Act as Scottish forensics analyst Mason. (Note: Mason is a very fun and charming character. RFodchuk and I like him a lot.)

Demonstrating the Euston Salute.

Demonstrating the Euston Salute.


Patrick Malahide:  Euston Films had this reputation for doing sort of real in the street stuff and it was all up close and personal. In fact, we used to have a thing: We used to say what size is the shot and they’d say it’s the ‘Euston Salute’ which means (frames face up close with hands) *that*.

When John Thaw decided to call it quits on The Sweeney, ITV wanted a show that would replace it pretty quick. Thus, with the hard work of famed producer Verity Lambert and script executive Linda Agran, Minder was developed with Dennis Waterman (who played George Carter in The Sweeney) as the lead.

Unfortunately, the first series did not receive favorable reviews nor was it a ratings success. But, Verity Lambert had complete faith in the series and vouched for it. It was given another chance and proved to be every bit as popular (more so, even) as they had hoped.

The Colorful Tony Hoare


Well, he claims to be Chisholm.

I was interested to learn that it was after the first series that they started using writers like Tony Hoare more. He wrote 20 episodes total, nine of which featured Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm. Chisholm actually appeared in the first episode of Minder, but he was nothing like the Chisholm fans are familiar with.

Hoare was a very colorful character and had actually done some time in prison. He would call on his own background when developing scripts like Poetic Justice, Innit? which featured Daley as a juror foreman much to Chisholm’s chagrin.  Seriously, Chisholm gives some pretty good laser glares in that episode. :-) Continue reading

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Something Neat XXIX: “Minder” Production Still

Stumbled across this online, quite by accident:  it’s an amazingly clear production still from the “Minder” episode, “Life in the Fast Food Lane” (reviewed by Admin).  I’m guessing it’s from the scene where Chisholm and Jones show up at Arthur’s car lot to question him about illegal mobile phones and phone stickers, just in time to see the remarkably fluffy-haired, extremely Scottish Ozzie (Peter Capaldi) speeding away.  You could call this “Duelling Trilbies”.  😉  Click for a larger size:

daley jones and chisholm minder production still fast food lane1
Making it even more official, the original information from Thames Television is included as well, attached by an authentically aged piece of Scotch tape:   😉

minder production still information fast food lane2
This was a great, yet completely unexpected find.  I only hope there are more of these wonderfully clear production stills lurking around, waiting to be discovered.

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New Partial Patrick Malahide Photo from Luther ;-)

BBC America have Tweeted this teaser pic for the upcoming series of Luther.  There have already been several photos from filming, so I know the man under the beautiful jacket is indeed a trim and flexible Patrick Malahide.  There are several posts on this blog showing photos of Patrick Malahide’s  (And you can even see his face in some of them!) involvement in the upcoming mini-series with the internet’s number one choice for the next James Bond, Idris Elba.

BBC America: Idris Elba and Patrick Malahide

BBC America: Idris Elba and Patrick Malahide

I can’t wait to see this and find out why Luther is being so rough.  Digital Spy have a little piece on the Tweet also, asking “Who is Idris Elba hiding in this first-look picture from Luther series 4?”  Well, the answer is Patrick Malahide, but I don’t know yet who he is playing or why he seems to be in so much trouble.  😮  Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long.


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PBS Masterpiece: Indian Summers – Sept 27

Indian Summers will have its US debut September 27 on PBS’ Masterpiece.  It is an excellent series, and Patrick Malahide is brilliant as the Viceroy Lord Willingdon.  Mark your calendars!

Big finish: ♪ "And still the notes “God save the Queen" / Be blent wi' Auld lang Syne.” ♫

Saluting the “Sloives of Empire”

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Wished for Roles 11: Another Co-Stars Edition

Sometimes when we watch a television program or a movie, we sometimes see actors who we think would really gel well with Patrick Malahide.  We’ve done a post like this before.  So why not do it again? 😉

The Wished For Co-Stars

Admin:  Peter Capaldi

Three handsome Celts

Three handsome Celts

What is so special about him?  He’s the Doctor!  Well, he’s also super quirky, incredibly talented, extremely handsome, and has a nice Scottish accent.   He’s perfect for a role alongside Patrick Malahide.  OK, they’ve worked together before in Minder, The Secret Agent, and (although they had no scenes together) The December Bride.  But, I think they need something where they would have loads of scenes together.

Being told he can have his buses.

What a Brigadier sort might look a bit like.

What sort of project?  The easy choice is Doctor Who, of course.  I am not really a fan of the Clara Oswald character (I preferred Rose Tyler, incidentally Patrick Malahide would be great in Penny Dreadful which features Billie Piper.), so I’d like it if the Doctor got a new companion.  Maybe he could get over his military aversion and find himself a nice new Brigadier type. 😉

What happened to the police box?

What happened to the police box? Source: The Telegraph

But, perhaps that is too easy a choice.  I actually really love Capaldi’s Mr. Curry character in PaddingtonPaddington isn’t a great movie (the books are better), but it is a very cute one and Mr. Curry is  easily best thing in it. Mr. Curry is a weird, myopic, miserly sort, and he is very, very funny.   I would love to see him and Patrick Malahide in a dark comedy or possibly a twisted (in the Roald Dahl or Lemony Snicket sense) family movie.  It would be lovely!  Maybe they could play a pair of crazy boney Munro baggers? 😉

Admin: Joel Tobeck

Uncle Ares and Strife.

Uncle Ares and Strife. Source: After the Power

What is so special about him?  Years and years ago, I used to enjoy watching Joel Tobeck as Ares’ punk rock looking nephew Strife on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.  If I knew Ares and Strife were going to be on (or for that matter Autolycus and Joxer, but I digress as those are different actors), I’d be extra sure to tune in.  Years and years later, I started watching Australia’s The Doctor Blake Mysteries and was absolutely captivated by Mr. Tobeck’s portrayal of  Chief Supt Matthew Lawson.  Talk about stealing the show!  He’s very, very close to being in the same league as DS Chisholm when it comes to show theft. 😉  With his intense blue eyes, stern features, and lovely 1950s uniform/wardrobe, Lawson quickly became one of my all time favorite characters.  He looks a little scary, but he’s actually a very caring and compassionate man who shares the same values as the title character Doctor Blake, only Lawson is a lot more sensible and less annoying about it all. 😉  He’s a fantastic character, and I know a massive amount of that is down to Joel Tobeck.

He should be in The Chief Supt. Lawson Mysteries!

He should be in The Chief Supt. Lawson Mysteries! Source: Pinterest

What sort of project?  The Doctor Blake Mysteries?  Well, RFodchuk actually gave me a better suggestion with a wished-for spin-off for Lawson himself. :-)  Either would be fine by me.  Sure, it would probably have to take place in Australia, but if Miriam Margolyes can be a regular on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (another fab Aussie show), then surely Patrick Malahide can work in  the world down under for a spell.


RF:  And my choices are:

RF:  Bruce Campbell


Bruce Campbell in a pensive mood
(Image source:

What’s So Special About Him?  He’s been in more cult classic and insanely hilarious movies and series than you can shake a stick at.  He’s got an incredibly sharp, observant, and irreverent sense of humour about himself and seemingly everything around him, as shown by his autobiography If Chins Could Kill (a great read, by the way).  Aside from that, I get the impression Mr. Campbell is just a very smart cookie generally.  While he’s far better known for humorous or genre roles, lately he’s taken a turn for the more dramatic in the series “Burn Notice“, where he plays a mostly retired ex-espionage agent caught up in shadowy doings.  But before that, coincidentally enough, he occasionally appeared with Joel Tobeck on both “Hercules” and “Xena” as the swashbuckling Autolycus, “King of Thieves”, as he was only too happy to remind you.  And like Mr. Tobeck and Mr. Malahide, he’s also a frequent show thief.  😉


Something of a contrasting style
(Image source:

What Sort of Project?  Well, I suspect the odds of Mr. Campbell appearing with Mr. Malahide in anything are astronomically vast.  But they’ve both done comedies, including period comedies (“Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.“, anyone?), and they’ve both done adventure/detective and fantasy-ish shows (I include “The One Game” in there, as well as “Game of Thrones” for Mr. Malahide) – as well as their own versions of Elvis impressions – so I’m sure they could meet somewhere in the middle.  I think something espionage-ish that would provide a plausible reason for an American and British agent to meet up and have to work together would have a lot of potential.  I would love to see their senses of humour bouncing off each other.  There would be a definite mix of contrasting styles, but that would be part of the fun.

RF:  Ben Miller

ben miller death in paradise

Ben Miller and friend
(Image source:

What’s So Special About Him?  I’m not as familiar with all of his work as I might like to be, but Admin and I have recently been enjoying his work in “Death In Paradise“, a light-hearted mystery/crime series in which Mr. Miller played D.I. Richard Poole, a reluctant transplant from the U.K. to the fictional island of Saint Marie in the Caribbean.  Mr. Miller manages to combine utter straitlacedness (Poole refuses to leave off wearing wool suits and ties despite the tropical heat, avoids the local cuisine, and won’t even walk around in the sand without shoes) and a lack of social skills with an understated, very dry sense of humour and the confusion of a character who’s a fish out of water – or a man out of his time – in many, many ways.  He reminds me a bit of D.S. Chisholm that way, in fact; they both seem extremely puzzled by basic social interactions.  But they both have an inveterate sense of right and wrong and a desire to see the bad guys caught and punished.

Finally, a decent cup of tea!<br /> (Image source: <a href=""></a>)

Finally, a decent cup of tea!
(Image source:

What Sort of Project?  At the risk of typecasting them both – although I swear it’s not intentional! – I’d love to see Mr. Malahide and Mr. Miller work together on some sort of mystery or police drama, preferably with a comedic edge to it.  Perhaps Mr. Malahide as an older police superintendent showing his younger D.I. the ropes?  Or even better, Mr. Malahide as a vastly experienced crim (although perhaps not quite as ruthless as Jack Turner) being pursued by an eager-to-make his name D.I.?  There’s even enough of a physical resemblance that they could play relatives, or father and son.  They’ve both done comedy, so I imagine they’d both have a light touch with whatever material they work with.   In any case, I believe they could develop some extremely interesting (and highly entertaining) chemistry with each other.

Admin:  And there you have it, four more fantastic actors worthy of gracing any screen with Patrick Malahide. :-)

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Patrick Malahide in Educating Marmalade Part 2

I just noticed the other day that Patrick Malahide’s IMDB listing includes Educating Marmalade (S01E10) Marmalade at the Albert Hall.  I knew he had appeared as the  delightful Mr. McCrum “Head Screw” (a prison warden) in episode S01E08 A Short Sharp Shock (reviewed ably here), so I was intrigued.  Especially as A Short Sharp Shock doesn’t appear on Mr. Malahide’s IMDB.  Hmmm.

Anyway, it is more of the same madcap nonsense, only Mr. McCrum shows up at the very end which is kind of a pity because he’s really funny (and also quite gorgeous in his prison warden uniform).  Marmalade’s old prison buddy Bonzo Brown (that show was so weird) has escaped and he and Marmalade wrestle in a tag team match, as chums often do.  Mr. McCrum, evidently a rasslin’ fan, spots Bonzo at the very end and comic hijinx follow.  The gifs below pretty much sum the whole thing up.  I love his “sporrans and bagpipes” line.  It is so suitably Scottish.






“What do you mean Andrew Davies wrote  Educating Marmalade?”

It is such a strangely subversive show and very much a product of the 1980s.  It is kind of like Roald Dahl with a bit of The Carry On films added in.  I also find it kind of funny that it was written by Andrew Davies, the man who wrote the Middlemarch screenplay.  What would Casaubon think?

This wasn’t really a review, but I guess my review would be that Educating Marmalade is good silly fun and really cute, and I simply adore Mr. McCrum. He should have had his own show!  “Mr. McCrum’s Scottish Asylum for Very Naughty Children”.  Bring on the porridge! 😉


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Patrick Malahide in Ten Days to War

"Before we go into informals, we have to make one last push with the undecideds"

Patrick Malahide as Sir Jeremy Greenstock.

In 2008, Patrick Malahide appeared in episode 4, “Why This Rush?” of the BBC’s Ten Days to War, an eight part series of dramatic shorts commissioned by Newsnight and broadcast on BBC Two to mark the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. It is available for viewing via the BBC. You can watch the short here.

At just under 14 minutes, it is indeed very short as well as excellent. There is a lot of detail and intrigue packed into this episode.

Patrick Malahide plays Sir Jeremy Greenstock, who is seeking a United Nations resolution authorizing war on Iraq over Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. The Mexican UN Security Council ambassador Adolfo Aguilar Zínser (Tom Conti) cannot support the resolution unless all possible avenues have been exhausted and the existence of such weapons has been properly established. Greenstock becomes concerned that someone, possibly one of the six undecided ambassadors which includes Zínser, might put up a counter resolution against war.

"You surely aren't prepared to let him use them again."

The use of close-up is very effective.

There is a load of tension built into this episode as Greenstock works to secure the resolution and Zínser seeks more time and answers. Greenstock is getting intense political pressure from Prime Minister Tony Blair’s people, while arguing for a resolution that has no consensus. The camera’s use of extreme close-up is incredibly effective, adding to the film’s intensity.

Adolfo: "Jeremy, you have four votes out of fifteen, and you are lecturing us on the importance of unanimity."

Staring intently over his specs.

Mr. Malahide’s performance is captivating.  He is definitely a man under pressure, and he uses his expressive eyes to their full effect as he stares owlishly over his glasses while arguing for the resolution.

Again, “Why This Rush?”  is available on-line.


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