It’s a Meme! 45 – Birthday Edition

Admin:  Happy Birthday to Mr. Malahide from the Appreciation 🙂

RFodchuk:  Happy birthday, Mr. Malahide!  🙂



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Happy International Happiness Day!

Happy International Happiness Day from the Appreciation!  🙂

Every day is International Happiness Day when you're the Viceroy!

Every day is International Happiness Day when you’re the Viceroy!

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It’s a Meme! 44 – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Admin: Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

RFodchuk:  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Shamrocks and shenanigans for everyone! meme


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Patrick Malahide in An Officer and a Car Salesman

Cutting a dashing figure.

December 26, 1988, Patrick Malahide appeared as Chisholm for the last time in Minder S07E01 “An Officer and a Car Salesman”.   It is a peculiar episode because some time has passed and the main characters have all moved on with their lives for better or worse.

An Officer and a Car Salesman: The Lengthy Premise

Terry McCann is serving the final few days of a prison sentence, the details of which occurred off-camera.  Apparently Arthur Daley had stashed stolen video recorders in Terry’s flat, and Terry got the blame and did the time.  Yes, he is very, very angry and bitter about it and wants nothing more to do with Arthur….ever.  Easier said than done.

Proto-Alleyn and Lady Evelyn Carrados?

Arthur, for his part, is doing remarkably well with a large warehouse based business, “Global Worldwide Products”, complete with employees.  The employees are  interesting because they are played by Simon Williams (who portrayed Alleyn in the BBC pilot before Patrick Malahide took over and perfected the role) as Roger and Diana Quick (Lady Evelyn Carrados from “Alleyn: Death in a White Tie“) as Angie an undercover policewoman posing as a secretary.

Roger also works for a “Col. Caplan” (Richard Briers), a would-be militia / survivalist type with delusions of right-wing revolutionary grandeur who Angie is investigating.  Caplan foolishly buys military equipment from Daley’s business, and just because Daley has moved up in the world doesn’t mean the quality of his merchandise has.

Tuppy! He’s now Chisholm’s boss.

So, what is Chisholm doing in all this?  Well, his overzealous approach to nabbing Daley forced him out of the police force, so he is now working in the private sector as Chief Security Officer for “Prestige Security”.  Another familiar face pops up in the form of Clive Swift (Mr. Tupman from the Pickwick Papers) as Chisholm’s boss.  He isn’t best pleased with Chisholm’s now overzealous approach to security either.

Dixon the mole.  Don’t trust him, Chisholm.

Things are about to get very bad for Chisholm.  Noooo!  Seems Col. Caplan has a mole in Prestige Security via Chisholm’s assistant Dixon (Mark McManus).  Dixon knows that a large consignment of gold bullion will be transported by the security team, so he and Caplan plan to steal it to fund the militia.

In the meantime, Terry, now released from prison, befriends Angie who he believes to be just Daley’s secretary.  She gets him work as Caplan’s chauffeur/handyman.  Also, Chisholm’s old policing partner DC Jones now works alongside DS Rycott (Chisholm’s nemesis), and they are on the case of some fake contraceptive pills sourced from, of course, Global Worldwide Products. Continue reading

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Our Favourite Episodes Part 1: The Pickwick Papers

Something a little bit different here…  Fearless Admin and I frequently discuss episodes in detail as part of a series, but we haven’t yet stopped to discuss which episodes of a series are our favourites, or why.  So we thought we’d kick off a new category of “Our Favourite Episodes” with one of Mr. Malahide’s best, “The Pickwick Papers” (1985).   For those who might be unfamiliar with the series… shame on you!  Go rent it on DVD right away!  Or go read my recaps!  But in short, it’s a twelve-part series based on the Charles Dickens novel by the same name.  Mr. Malahide plays a charming con man, raconteur, and sometime strolling actor named Alfred Jingle, who never met a sheep he couldn’t fleece – and make the sheep happy about the experience.  And these sheep happen to be the members of the Pickwick Club.

RFodchuk’s Favourite Episode:

A rascal and a ruffian and worse than any man Pickwick ever saw or heard of - Our Favourite Episodes of Patrick Malahide Serieses

A rascal and a ruffian and worse than any man
Pickwick ever saw or heard of

This was a reeeally difficult choice, but I had to decide on… episode 7, in which Mr. Pickwick (Nigel Stock) – who has put up with the direct effects of Jingle’s shenanigans in one way or another for the previous nine episodes, resulting in various degrees of embarrassment and humiliation – finally manages to track down Jingle at the home of the Nupkins, before Jingle can pull of his latest scheme.  Jingle, who hasn’t been seen in person since episode 4, apparently put the money he extorted from Mr. Wardle (to not elope with Mr. Wardle’s very spinster sister, Miss Rachel) to good use, investing in a couple of snazzy military uniforms.  When not getting Mr. Pickwick into awkward situations at girls’ boarding schools, Jingle has been ingratiating himself into the Nupkins’ household as the dashing Captain Charles Fitz-Marshall, supplanting Miss Henrietta Nupkins’ former fiancé, Sidney Porkenham (you can just guess what he must be like from the name), in record time.

Not even batting an eye as he's accused of all sorts of misdeeds

Not even batting an eye as he’s accused of
all sorts of misdeeds

Unfortunately for Jingle’s plans, Pickwick appears on the scene in time to denounce him in front of the Nupkins.  (Actually, Mr. Nupkins, who’s also a magistrate, was about to prosecute Pickwick for duelling… long story.)   However, Jingle doesn’t even bat an eye as Pickwick reveals all of his previous nefarious deeds, including dumping Miss Rachel Wardle for a “pecuniary consideration” (Jingle merely rolls his eyes modestly at that one).  He even smirks slightly in amusement when Mr. Pickwick mentions the girls’ school.  Nor does he appear especially devastated when Miss Nupkins declares that she has “always hated” him.  In fact, Jingle and his scruffy manservant, Job Trotter, are seen off the property with a flea in their ears from Pickwick and a little physical humiliation from Pickwick’s manservant, Sam Weller.  So why is this episode a favourite?
Continue reading

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Want to Sit Next to Patrick Malahide?

OK, I have no idea if you’ll ever get to sit next to him or any other famous supporters of the Bristol Old Vic, but the theatre is currently running a fund raiser called Sponsor a Seat.  Information here.

In 2018, Bristol Old Vic will see the realisation of our £25m redevelopment plan and building work has begun in earnest. In celebration, we have released, for naming, the final seats in our historic auditorium – allowing individuals to own a piece of the Theatre’s unique history and secure it for the future.

The brand new Studio, currently under construction, is also available for seat sponsorship and provides an opportunity to support directly the development of new writing, performers and artists – many of whom will begin their careers in this intimate and nurturing space from 2018 onwards.

So you can sponsor a seat along with familiar faces such as Patrick Malahide, Sir Patrick Stewart, Julie Walters,  Jeremy Irons & Sinéad Cusack, and others.  How cool is that?  I will admit, I felt sad seeing Alan Rickman’s name in the list, but it is obvious he too loved good theatre.

And here is a lovely portrait of Patrick Malahide preparing for his role as King George III by Rachel Hemming Bray. I’ve posted this before, but it really is gorgeous, so I’ll post it again. 🙂


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Analysis of a Scene XXIX: Alleyn and Troy’s Romantic Interlude in “Dead Water”

Our favourite mystery-solving couple Troy and Alleyn have a Romantic Interlude in "Dead Water"

Our favourite mystery-solving couple

It’s a wee bit late for Valentine’s Day, but still, Admin and I thought it would be fun to analyze one of our favourite scenes from S02E03 of the “Inspector Alleyn Mysteries“, “Dead Water“.  In the concluding scene, Alleyn (with Agatha Troy (Belinda Lang) along for the ride) has solved the mystery.  He’s managed to figure out that his old teacher, Miss Emily Pride (Margaret Tyzack), was never the murderer’s intended target as he had thought; the intended victim was village busybody Miss Elspeth Cost (Janet Lapotaire) all along.  *BUT*… that doesn’t mean that Miss Emily can resist poking her nose into her old pupil’s romantic business as a parting shot, especially with Troy there as part of her captive audience.

Seeing Miss Emily off at the quay Troy and Alleyn have a Romantic Interlude in "Dead Water"

Seeing Miss Emily off at the quay

[Alleyn and Troy are helping Miss Emily into the launch which will take her to the boat leaving Portacarrick.  Alleyn, who was shot in the arm by the culprit while trying to escape, is wearing a fetching white sling.]
Miss Emily:  Do you know, Roderick, I’m not convinced I should have come here at all.  I think perhaps I should have done it all through my solicitors.  What do you think?
Alleyn [nonplussed]:  Ahhh… 

Miss Emily: “You know, Roderick, I’m not convinced I should’ve come here at all. I think perhaps I should’ve done it all through my solicitors. What do you think?”<br> Alleyn: "Ahhh..."

Miss Emily: “You know, Roderick, I’m not convinced I should’ve come here at all. I think perhaps I should’ve done it all through my solicitors. What do you think?”
Alleyn: “Ahhh…”

RF:  Alleyn is trying his hardest to be very diplomatic here.  Several days, one murder, and one bullet wound ago, he suggested this very thing to Miss Emily in her London flat, and she insisted on coming to Portacarrick anyway, thereby guaranteeing his nice, romantic getaway with Troy was ruined.  So he’s being very polite and not saying what he actually thinks.

Admin:  Is Miss Emily trolling them?   Yes, Alleyn is trying to be very diplomatic and all he can muster is a very awkward “ahhhh” 😀   It is actually a nice bit of comedy following what was a very dramatic and tragic situation.

RF:  I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re right, she might very well be trolling them.  She certainly seems to be going out of her way to say things designed to push Alleyn’s buttons, especially after a murder and getting shot and all.  But you’re also right that it’s a nice way to relieve the tension from the previous drama.

Admin:  And it is so cute watching him squirm a wee bit. 🙂
Continue reading

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It’s a Meme! 43 – Valentine’s Day Edition

Admin: Happy Valentine’s Day from the Appreciation!


RFodchuk:  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  🙂


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Goodbye Sailor and Chisholm’s Moments of Win

Goodbye Sailor

The infamous raft!

Minder S05E01 “Goodbye Sailor” aired 5 Sept. 1984. It is infamous for the raft gag which actually could have injured Patrick Malahide. The stunt is discussed in some detail in the Minder episode of “Drama Connections” recapped here.

The basic plot has Arthur Daley (George Cole) investing in tobacco smuggled from France. Daley has a posh retired Naval officer chum, Commander Hawksly (Moray Watson), who has been illegally importing the tobacco. Daley, eager to get in the action, convinces a newsagent, Larry Patel (Rashid Karapiet), to place a sizable order. All seems to be going fine, except Daley can’t make the drop-off, so he sends Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) and Arnie (Ray Winstone) in his stead. Of course things go quickly pear shaped.

The Peculiar Puzzle of the Purloined Plimsolls

I love the single-handed frog march.

Chisholm is mostly involved with the episode’s subplot about stolen “athletic footwear.” He and his partner DC Jones (Meic Povey) are patiently waiting, as they often are, at Arthur’s lock-up. Chisholm is casually yet menacingly lounging on the hood of their cop car. He elegantly swans over the second Daley and Terry pull up.

“Daley, time for a word,” he begins politely. Daley stutteringly attempts to fob him off, but Chisholm decisively grabs Daley’s elbow, “Inside,” single-handedly frog-marching Daley into the lock-up. I really like confident assertive Chisholm.

“Less lip, McCann, you’re in the frame as well.” Ha!

For some reason Terry is very rude to Jones, making fun of his Welsh ethnicity. “I tell you what, Taff, give us a song, hey?” Honestly, I wouldn’t have blamed Jones in the least if he’d given Terry a little slap across his gormless jowls. Police brutality be damned, there is no reason for that kind of bigotry, Terry! RFodchuk wickedly pointed out that the only person likely to bust out a jolly old (feem) “toon” would be Terry himself. Ha-ha! 😀

Jones for his part doesn’t seem too fussed and shoots Terry a less than impressed look. Chisholm steps in, “Less lip, McCann, you’re in the frame too.” You tell him! Chisholm isn’t always the best boss to have, in fact he very seldom is, but he won’t let Terry cheek his DC like that. He then immediately chivvies a dithering Daley to hurry up and let them in. Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Peter Teller in “Fortress 2: Re-Entry”

How did I end up running a space prison, again? Patrick Malahide as Peter Teller in "Fortress 2: Re-Entry"

How did I end up running a space prison, again?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… okay, this galaxy in the year 2000… Patrick Malahide played Peter Teller, director of a space-based prison orbiting the Earth in “Fortress 2: Re-Entry“.  Apparently “Fortress 2” was the sequel to the somewhat modestly successful “Fortress” (1992), in which Kurtwood Smith (a familiar and reliable baddie from such movies as original flavour “RoboCop“)  played “Prison Director Poe”, although his prison was Earth-based.  Now, I haven’t seen the first “Fortress”, but I’m guessing that Poe met some kind of gruesome end at the hands of protagonist John Henry Brennick (Christopher Lambert), thereby requiring that he be replaced for the sequel.  And from a brief look at IMDB, the storylines are extremely similar, except that they’ve upped the ante by putting the prison on an orbital platform this time.  (Oops, that’s a spoiler.)

The original movie takes place in the near-future of 2027. Due to strict population controls, Brennick and his wife Karen (Beth Toussaint) were arrested for the crime of having an unauthorized child.  Brennick was thrown into the Fortress, a futuristic prison run by the evil Men-tel corporation (yes, it’s a silly name) and Director Poe, from which Brennick escaped in what I’ll assume was some kind of showy, explode-y fashion.  This movie opens seven years later, with Brennick and Karen still on the run with their son Danny (Aidan Ostrogovich), who’s now ten years old instead of seven, but whatever.  That’s a minor thing compared to the other plot points coming up.

Captured by Men-tel

Brennick wakes up in prison

Brennick wakes up in prison

Brennick and his family have settled into an idyllic, isolated  cabin in the woods, when they’re approached by some other Men-tel escapees, asking for Brennick’s help in smuggling a former Men-tel executive, who has the plans for the company’s new power station, to “Resistance HQ”.   They also want Brennick to help them take out the power station, because Men-tel apparently  only has the one.  But before any of that can come to anything, there’s a raid on the cabin (not so secret as Brennick thought) by Men-tel militia, who expend a lot of ordinance to blow open doors on a relatively flimsy wooden cabin.  After ensuring his wife and son’s escape (so he thinks), Brennick is taken alive.  He’s knocked out with gas and wakes up in prison, freshly barcoded and awaiting processing.
Continue reading

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