Favouritest Grabs Ever – Tenth Edition

Summer is (finally) upon us, so it’s time once again for another edition of our favouritest grabs.  As always, these are grabs featuring Mr. Malahide’s characters that Fearless Admin and I found appealing, amusing, or entertaining, and the reasons why.

RF’s Picks:

DS Chisholm pausing for a quick refuel Favouritest Grabs Ever - Tenth Edition

DS Chisholm pausing for a quick refuel

What’s Going On in This Picture?

It’s from the S04E03 episode of “Minder“, titled “High Drains Pilferer” (reviewed by Admin here) from 1984.  Chisholm (Mr. Malahide) and Jones (Meic Povey) are on the trail of some loot stolen from Susie, girlfriend of notorious gangster Mickey “The Fish” Metcalfe (David Calder) while she was having a shower in her flat,  By a curious coincidence, Terry McCann (Dennis Waterman) is currently on loan from Arthur Daley (George Cole) to Mickey as a driver.  That alone is enough to arouse Chisholm’s suspicions, but his problems are compounded when he finds that the insurers have an ex-policeman named Harbot (nicknamed “Horrible Harbot” by Chisholm and Jones) on the case as well.  You get the impression that there’s no love lost between Chisholm and Horrible Harbot, and that they were likely very unfriendly rivals.  Anyway, in this grab, Chisholm is pausing for a brief but intense refuelling just before Harbot visits and ruins his day a little bit.

Why Is This One a Favourite?

Nom nom nom...

Nom nom nom…

It’s even better when you see him in motion.  Admin has made a marvelous gif of it (see left), showing Chisholm applying an intense amount of attention to munching that biscuit.  Admin and I have speculated that Chisholm mostly runs on his nerves, but when he does fuel up he needs his carbs and lots of hot tea,  so I think we’re seeing Chisholm consuming two of his favourite food groups here.  I also like the detail of his homely little chickie mug.  😀  I doubt it’s something he’d pick out for himself, so Admin and I have come to the conclusion that Chisholm’s nan probably gave it to him.  He’s probably the only DS with one in the entire Metropolitan Police force, and no one would dare laugh at it.  I have no idea if the “Minder” set dressers intended it that way (probably not!), but it’s a nice little glimpse at Chisholm having some rare downtime.

Admin:  Those jaws are so hard at work. 🙂  Yeah, it was probably just a random utilitarian mug as far as the set designers were concerned, but its simple nature fits Chisholm to a tee.
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Happy International Kissing Day

Happy International Kissing Day from the Appreciation 🙂

Yep, it seems he's been away for a few months. Stupid lucky Troy.

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Patrick Malahide as Bailie Creech

Bailie Creech.

In 1997 Patrick Malahide played Bailie Creech in the television-movie “Deacon Brodie“. Loosely based on the real life anti-hero of the same name, it tells the story of Deacon William Brodie (Billy Connolly) cabinet maker, deacon of a trades guild and Edinburgh city councilor who led a secret life as a rogue. Having access to his customers’ keys, he and his gang would burgle their houses.  You can read about the real Deacon Brodie and the legend of how he supposedly faked his own execution on Wikipedia.

Bailie Creech Hates Deacon Brodie

It doesn’t take long to establish that Bailie Creech hates Deacon Brodie. At first it seems like Creech is obsessed with Brodie’s lover, a prostitute named Annie (Catherine McCormack) with whom Brodie has fathered a child.  Philip, their child, is five years old. Annie wants to marry Brodie, so they become an official family.  However, he is reluctant to marry a prostitute, knowing it would hurt his position in the community. So he strings her along.  Charming.

“You’re expecting me.”

Creech makes his first appearance shortly after Brodie has crept away from Annie and Philip for the night. Bailie Creech enters her room without so much as a knock. Annie is half dressed and Creech notices, “you’re expecting me,” he says quietly with a smug leer.  It is really creepy.   She asks about Brodie who Bailie angrily refers to as a “feckless shite.”

Creech offers to move Annie into his household to work in his kitchen. At first it seems like he is interested in her, but his attention quickly goes to Philip who Creech describes as a “wee red haired angel” promising to give the boy a “thorough education.”  The way Creech looms over the sleeping Philip is very disturbing to say the least. Continue reading

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“Mortal Engines” A Look Inside

Another “Mortal Engines” related promo video has dropped.  Again, we don’t get to see Patrick Malahide’s character Magnus Crome which is disappointing, but, there is some Hugo Weaving talking about the film to somewhat make up for that.  The clips all seem to come from the trailer which was released earlier.  Come on, people!  I want to see Magnus in all his demented glory!

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Posh Blokes (Played by Patrick Malahide)

Admin and I recently realized that Patrick Malahide has played more than a few Posh Blokes in his career, and he’s done a great job of it, too – whether they were goodies, baddies, or an intriguing mix of both (okay, truthfully, the latter might be the best).   His Posh Blokes never fail to make an impression with their charisma, presence, and sense of style, and they’re among some of our favourite characters, so we thought we’d discuss a few of them.

Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn  |  Governor Ainslee  |  Sir Hugo Carey-Holden  |
Sir Myles  |  Ebenezer Balfour  |  Who’s the Poshest?

RF:  My choices are…

Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn
(“The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries“, 1992-1994)

What Kind of Posh Bloke Is He?

Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn, the ultimate Gentleman Detective Posh Blokes Played by Patrick Malahide

Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn,
the ultimate Gentleman Detective

He’s pretty much the creme de la creme of poshness, a Gentleman detectivus dashingae.  Alleyn is the younger brother of a baronet, Sir George Alleyn, so he gets all the perks of aristocratic connections with none of the bother, like worrying about the family’s estate or having to vote in the House of Lords or anything like that.  The gentry regard Alleyn as one of them, so they’re more likely to confide interesting bits of aristocratic gossip to him that wouldn’t necessarily make it into the tabloids, which frequently proves useful when he’s investigating crimes.  He also has exquisite taste in his wardrobe and accessories, and extremely good manners no matter who he’s dealing with.  There’s nothing snobbish about him at all.

Can You Tell He’s Posh from Across the Street?

You can tell he's posh from clear across a cliff

You can tell he’s posh from clear across a cliff

Oh, g’lord yes, if not even further.  Even when he’s on vacation, Alleyn’s clothes are well-tailored, immaculately pressed,  and obviously expensive.  He (or his haberdasher) has exquisite taste in single- and double-breasted suits and all the accessories that go with them.  He’s almost never seen without a hat, gloves, and an umbrella, just in case – because it wouldn’t do for him to be caught without.  And even when he’s dressed down a bit, wearing a cream-coloured trenchcoat over his tweeds, he still won’t get a speck of dirt on himself.  He must have a hard time disguising himself as a hobo.
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Random Malahide Picture 21

Here’s a rather nice publicity still I happened across on the Mirror’s Production-Saturday Magazine-We Love TV page, showing Mr. Malahide as Lord Willingdon in the S02E01 episode of “Indian Summers“, “Indian Man, British Suit” (recapped by Admin here).  He hardly looks as though he’s just been hauled out of his sickbed after a recent heart attack, does he?  But I still think he polished off a few of those whiskies.  Click the image for a larger size.

Lord Willingdon in white tie, with whisky<br>Image source: mirror.co.uk Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in "Indian Summers"

Lord Willingdon in white tie, with whisky
(Image source: mirror.co.uk)

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Remembering Glynn Edwards

Dave: A gentleman of infinite patience .

RFodchuk and I very saddened to learn that Glynn Edwards has passed away. Mr. Edwards was a greatly esteemed actor with a very impressive resume.  We at the Appreciation know him best from his role on Minder as the lovable Dave the Barman, owner of The Winchester.

Dave brought so much warmth to the series.  Since we never saw Arthur Daley at home (where the fearsome ‘Er Indoors dwells), Dave’s bar The Winchester stood in as a proxy home.  Dave would handle all of Arthur’s phone calls and always offered a safe place when things got a bit hairy…which was often.  His affability and easy going nature were always a tonic to Arthur’s mad hi-jinx.  And, of course, he was there to lend Chisholm a (tired) ear when need be.

Glynn Edwards:  1931-2018



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The Mortal Engines Trailer

“Dammit! Where is Magnus Crome?”

The official trailer for Mortal Engines has launched, and it looks stunning.  Unfortunately, we don’t get a look at Patrick Malahide’s Mayor Magnus Crome which is extremely disappointing.  But, Hugo Weaving’s Thaddeus Valentine and Jihae’s Anna Fang (actually my favorite character in the book) look wonderful.  Hopefully we’ll soon see the Lord Mayor in all his demented blue eyed glory.


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Patrick Malahide as Jean in Miss Julie

Patrick Malahide as Jean.

In May of 1987 Patrick Malahide portrayed Jean in a “Theatre Night” adaptation of August Strindberg’s “Miss Julie“. “Miss Julie” is an incredibly tumultuous and intense drama that takes place over the course of one fateful Midsummer’s Eve night.

It Starts Out Fun Enough

Gossiping about Miss Julie downstairs style.

Jean is a valet with dreams of aspiration who serves an unseen Swedish Count. It is the night of the Midsummer’s Eve celebrations. Jean and the cook Christine (Sarah Porter) are downstairs gossiping about the Count’s daughter Miss Julie and her awful behavior. She has been making a spectacle of herself dancing with the servants. They also natter about her broken engagement.

Jean claims he saw Miss Julie putting her fiance through his paces forcing him to jump

He nicked the fancy wine.

like a horse until eventually the poor fellow grabbed her riding crop breaking both it and the engagement.  This gives us a good hint at just how capricious and ridiculous the young Miss Julie is.

Christine gives Jean his dinner, but he rejects the common beer she serves. He has a fine wine stashed away which he stole from his master the Count. It is obvious that Jean fancies himself an aristocratic gentleman. It is also obvious that he and Christine are enjoying a lusty affair. They are seen to be “engaged” but they aren’t at all likely going to be married. They really do have a lot of chemistry and are pretty steamy together though. Continue reading

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Happy National Biscuit Day!

Happy National Biscuit Day from Mr. Chisholm and the Appreciation 🙂


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