Patrick Malahide & Cirdan Sailing Trust & The One Game DVD News

Patrick Malahide with the Cirdan Trust Source: Cirdan Sailing Trust

Patrick Malahide at the Cirdan Trust Source: Cirdan Sailing Trust

Two exciting bits of news in this post.

Patrick Malahide is an Ambassador for an organization called the Cirdan Sailing Trust.  On April 2 2015, they posted this to their page

New Sails for Faramir

We had the pleasure of welcoming two special visitors aboard Faramir last Wednesday. Cirdan’s founder, the Rev. Canon Bill Broad donated a new mainsail and No2 jib and officially handed them over to Faramir’s skipper Ed Humphries and long term Cirdan volunteer, Ann Lee. Along with a few friends and supporters, Bill was accompanied by Cirdan Ambassador, actor Patrick Malahide – recently in Game of Thrones and Indian Summers.  After the sail hand over, Patrick and Bill went on to look around Cirdan’s other vessels still in winter refit, Duet in Bradwell and Queen Galadriel in dry dock in Maldon.

Here is more about them, again from their website,

The Cirdan Trust was founded in 1983 to serve young people in the south east of England and the Faramir Trust in 1991 to do the same for those of the north east.  In 2002, the two trusts were conjoined under the title The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

Today the Trust operates three boats, Duet, Faramir and Queen Galadriel to take mainly disadvantaged young people on sailing trips.

It is clear that sailing is extremely close to Mr. Malahide’s heart and he obviously believes in giving others a chance to experience it.

Magnus and friends approve.

Magnus and friends approve.

I notice they take their name and the names of their ships from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  You know who would totally approve of that naming convention?  Magnus, that’s who. 😉

And that brings me to the second neat find.  Network DVD will be releasing The One Game!!   It will be released June 29th.  This is great news because prior to now it has mainly been available on the very expen$ive $econdary market or on YouTube.    The cover art looks really cool.  You can read my little recap of The One Game here.

The One Game Source: Network DVD

The One Game Source: Network DVD

From Network DVD

One of the defining telefantasy series of 1980s television, The One Game is a prescient mix of first-person gaming, political chicanery and Arthurian myth, starring Stephen Dillane in a powerful early role and Patrick Malahide as the enigmatic, malevolent Magnus. Directed by Mike Vardy, written by John Brown and sporting a haunting theme tune from Chameleon, The One Game hits an unequivocally high watermark for British fantasy television.

Games tycoon Nicholas Thorne is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse when his bank accounts are emptied and his company threatened with hostile takeover. Compelled to follow clue after clue and win game after game, he realises with a shock that the only person capable of perpetrating this attack on his life is his ex-partner, Magnus. But Magnus has been dead for years…

Defining telefantasy series. :-)  I like that description.  And it is apt.  The One Game really is a brilliant series, and is hugely fun to watch.   I think this will be of extreme interest to modern day computer game players and also fans of The Game of Thrones series.

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S01E09

It's tough to be the Viceroy  Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S01E09

It’s tough to be the Viceroy

Indian Summers, S01E09 is the penultimate episode for the first series, and the final one to feature Patrick Malahide’s Lord Willingdon (we presume he’ll be conveniently “away on business” for the finale) until series 2, so we’re hoping some of those plot points that have been juggling furiously in the air begin to reach their conclusions, while still others are set up for the future.  When last seen in S01E07 (ably reviewed by Admin), Lord W. took a break from Viceregal duties to play the role of curly-haired young rebel Algernon Moncrieff (as Admin says, total typecasting 😉 ) in the Simla Gaiety Club’s amateur production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.   Lord W. happily basked in applause while his private secretary, Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), tried unsuccessfully to drag his attention back onto Untouchables matters.  But in this episode, he’s forced to pay heed to more serious concerns as the Viceregal office undertakes ticklish negotiations with the Nawab of Jaffran (Silas Carson).  The reason is a little vague… something to do with rallies and power plants?… but the deal is important enough for the Viceroy to give Ralph a special briefing beforehand.

Secrets, Meddling, and Blackmail

Wow, Eugene was sicker than anyone thought.

Wow, Eugene was sicker than anyone thought.

But there are a few other details to clear up first.  After being exiled by Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters) into one of the Club’s more cramped, dank basement rooms for inability to pay his bills, Eugene Mathers (Edward Hogg) suddenly drops dead of malaria overnight.  A little more indication he was that deathly ill might’ve made his demise seem a little less abrupt, but there you have it.  A flashback tells us that Eugene was apparently an architect, who came to India to do… something, we’re not quite sure what.  In any case, he’s already been packed into an urn by his next appearance and his poor sister Madeleine (Olivia Grant), Ralph’s fiancée, is prostrate with grief.  We never did find out why their relationship seemed so oddly creepy.  I think she’ll be the only one who truly misses him.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, Cynthia uses Eugene’s death to “suggest” to Madeleine that she return to the States with Eugene’s ashes right away, thereby separating her from Ralph and erasing Cynthia’s mistake in matching up Ralph with the World’s Poorest Steel Heiress.  Surprisingly, Madeleine agrees to go without a fight (which I found rather disappointing), so Cynthia immediately has her faithful majordomo Kaiser (Indi Nadarajah) book her return passage; Cynthia’s big on sledgehammer-type A-to-B solutions.  She even tells Kaiser Madeleine won’t be back once she’s gone because “women like that” never return.  Neither Madeleine nor Cynthia bothers to tell Ralph his fiancée is leaving; presumably Cynthia will spin her own version of Madeleine’s reasons once Ralph notices she’s gone.

Sarah (left), in the process of losing her last marble

Sarah (left), in the process of losing her last marble

Indeed, Ralph is already a little preoccupied with the Nawab’s visit.  While he lobbies Cynthia to remove the Simla Club’s infamous “No dogs or Indians” sign as a one-off concession to the Viceroy for the occasion (Cynthia’s extremely grudging about it, not just because she’s horrifically racist (well, that too), but because the sign is a relic of her late husband, Reggie), Sarah Raworth (Fiona Glascott) has been pushed to her own extremes, losing (as Admin says) her last marble.  She accuses Alice (Jemima West), Ralph’s sister, of encouraging Sarah’s husband Dougie’s (Craig Parkinson) attentions to Leena (Amber Rose Revah), his half-caste assistant.  Alice denies it even though she has been encouraging the relationship, telling Leena she should follow true love.  Mind you, Alice should know better than to put Leena on the firing line since she’s more aware than most that Sarah is just a tad obsessive and vindictive.  Bent on revenge, Sarah threatens to reveal Alice’s secret at the Club’s big party;  namely, that Alice is not a widow.  Instead, she deserted her husband to run away to India with her baby and has been masquerading as a widow ever since.  Fearing the social fallout, Alice begs her to reconsider, but Sarah’s gone a wee bit ’round the bend and refuses to listen.  She’s determined to wreck havoc on Alice’s life.
Continue for more synopsis and a gallery

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Patrick Malahide on BBC Radio Stoke

It says here that I'm still alive.

It says here that I’m still alive.

More radio time for Patrick Malahide. Yay!!!  He appeared on the James Watt BBC Radio Stoke program (April 20th).  Link here!  He starts around the 24:20 mark to talk about Channel 4 exquisite and excellent series Indian Summers.  BBC will have the archive up for 30 days.

He is on for about 14 minutes, so I hope to do a real transcript at some point.  They also talked a little bit about Game of Thrones. (dun dun dududun dudu dun dun. — Da feem toon  is always in my head and, yes, I picked an opener with Pyke)  Mr. Malahide acknowledged that, for now at least, Balon Greyjoy is still alive in the series.  He didn’t know specifically if he’ll be filming again or what will happen to Balon on the show.  Fingers crossed he does make another appearance because I ♥ Balon sooooo much 😉

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Patrick Malahide on BBC London 94.9 Radio

pickwick papers jingle smirk

Mr. Jingle: looking suitably modest.

Patrick Malahide was on the Gaby Roslin radio show today promoting the Indian Summers DVD release.  It is archived for 30 days, link here for anyone to listen to.  He is on for the whole show, bar moments where they break away for news and weather.  Other guests include Stacey Solomon, Anne Reid (she loves The Singing Detective and is a very charming and funny lady), and Jules Knight.  I haven’t listened to all of it yet (it is three hours), but he does say, much to my and especially RFodchuk’s delight, that his favorite character he’s played is Mr. Jingle of The Pickwick Papers.  There will be a full recap later of the interview later, but that is a really neat tidbit. :-)

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Something Neat XVI – Bearded Patrick Malahide

Patrick Malahide with Magnus beard.   Source:

Patrick Malahide with Magnus beard.

In 1988, Patrick Malahide along with Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones whose futile attempts at killing Balon Greyjoy via a stupid leech spell have proven thus far unsucessful) 😉 appeared in the now cult series The One Game.  It is really, really good.  And we’ve found some really neat pieces relating to this excellent series.

First, found by RFodchuk, is a photo of Patrick Malahide in his own grown Magnus beard (sans Magnus wig) looking like a very handsome, but slightly eccentric, university lecturer.  I’d never skip his class even if he waffled on about Tolkien for three hours straight.  😉

And it ties in beautifully with a Daily Express article that was posted on about Mr. Malahide discussing  The One Game, The Franchise Affair (another excellent series), Minder, and a drama penned by Mr. Malahide himself called Reasonable Force (which, of course, I’d like to see).

Patrick Malahide article 01

Patrick Malahide article 01 Source:

Patrick Malahide article 02

Patrick Malahide article 02 sick, not getting enough to eat, and knows he'll likely die in prison as a pauper. Pickwick is actually sympathetic (but who wouldn't be?? ;-)).

Hirsute precursor to Magnus.

I like this part: “It was the beard that got Patrick the role of Magnus.  The producer saw a picture of Malahide hirsute as he was as Jingle in The Pickwick Papers and knew he was perfect for the part of the mad genius.”

It gives me an excuse (as if any is needed) to repost the Jingle at the Fleet photo.

The bit about him not wanting to wear a hair-piece for Chisholm is pretty cool too, in light of the post below being about Cheerful Charlie’s visit to Hagrid’s wig shop. 😉

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Analysis of a Scene XVIV: Chisholm Visits Hagrid’s Wig Shop

Chisholm visits Hagrid's Wig Shop.

Chisholm visits Hagrid’s Wig Shop.

What Makes Shamy Run is an all around excellent episode of Minder.  It is my favorite, actually.  And it has one our all time favorite scenes.  Chisholm and Jones, investigating counterfeit twenty pound notes, have been called to the Holland Park Barber Shop, an establishment owned by an unnamed character played by Robbie “Hagrid” Coltrane.  Coltrane is considerably shorter and less hairy here, though.  He is also very funny and plays really well off of our favorite world-weary, cynical policeman.


Chisholm inspects the notes.

Proprietor: Fifteen of them. Three hundred.
Chisholm: Didn’t you check?
Proprietor: Well, you don’t, do you? (hands Chisholm the phoney notes) You don’t expect that. Not from somebody with a scalp condition.
Chisholm: Describe him.
Proprietor: Yes, well, he is at this moment wearing a “Roger Moore”. (shows

Looking at a "Roger Moore".

Looking at a “Roger Moore”.

Chisholm a framed poster of a model in toupée) One of our more popular lines and completely waterproof.
Chisholm: Waterproof?
Proprietor: Yes, it keeps the rain off.
Chisholm: Off of what? Their brains?
Proprietor: You can swim in a “Roger Moore,” using our special exclusive adhesive.
Chisholm: Apart from glue on his scalp, any other distinctive features?

You can swim in a "Roger Moore"!

Chisholm is told you can swim in a “Roger Moore”!

Admin:  I love the look on Chisholm’s face as he is taking this all in.  He has an epic sneer.  And I expect Chisholm has no idea why someone with a scalp condition would be less likely to handle counterfeit notes.  His “their brains” quip suggests already that he doesn’t think very highly of the toupée crowd.




Hagrid providing his own raw material?<br>(Source:

Hagrid providing his own
raw material?

RF:  Plainly the world of toupée-wearing is something completely foreign and exotic to Chisholm… and this is a man who’s been investigating Arthur Daley for years.  😀  I love his incredulous expression when he says “Waterproof?”  Obviously he’s never thought of it as a requirement for toupées.  How he and Jones are going to identify anyone from that incredibly faded poster is a mystery, though; it looks as if it’s been hanging in that shop for ages.  It’s also noteworthy that Hagrid doesn’t seem to require one of his own creations, but maybe he supplies the raw material himself when he hasn’t had a recent trim?  😉

Admin:  You could make dozen “Sean Connerys” from his beard alone. 😉

RF:  Young Sean Connerys, that is.  😉 Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S01E07

Ralph persists in asserting that they should avoid ill feeling. Cynthia says he shouldn't mess with tradition. Lord W. "It's not a British matter, and changing our plans might suggest otherwise."

He’ll be playing the reckless and rebellious youngster  :-)

In Indian Summers S01E07, Simla is all abuzz because it is time for the annual summer play. This year they are performing Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. The Viceroy, Lord Willingdon has a starring role as the very young and impetuous Algernon. According to Cliff’s Notes, “Algernon symbolizes the wild, unrestricted, curly-headed youngster who is happiest breaking the rules.”  Typecasting! 😉 However, Gandhi will begin a hunger strike on the night of the play, the ramifications of which put a wedge in the Viceroy’s relationship with Ralph Whelan.

Rehearsals and Chaos

Ronnie Keane tells him they'll rehearse his scene next. Lord W.: "I'm ready now, Mr. Keane."

“I’m ready now, Mr. Keane.”

Rehearsals are underway and the Viceroy arrives as Cynthia Coffin and Eugene Mathers are going over the famous handbag scene. Director Ronnie Keane (he’s a busy fellow) tells the Viceroy they are wrapping the handbag scene up, but the Viceroy isn’t in a waiting mood. “I’m ready now, Mr. Keane,” he says firmly. So Eugene is unceremoniously booted offstage and the Viceroy begins his lines.

It is chaos as Ronnie tries to direct a stubborn Viceroy who speaks over an equally stubborn Cynthia’s lines while stage hands carry furniture all about the place. Then Cynthia does a bit of adlibbing, “Never speak disrespectfully of the Royal Simla Club, Algernon. Only people who can’t get in do that.”

Cynthia: "Never speak disrespectfully of the Royal Simla Club, Algernon. Only people who can't get in do that." For some reason, Lord W. thinks this is hilarious. Maybe he's had a whiskey or two already?

Cynthia: “Never speak disrespectfully of the Royal Simla Club, Algernon. Only people who can’t get in do that.”
Lord W. thinks this is hilarious.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense since Viceroy Algy had been going on about “social possibilities,” but he laughs uproariously at her quip anyway. RFodchuk thinks maybe he’d had a whiskey or two before getting on stage, since that’s the only way to explain his good humor, and I’m inclined to agree. :-)

Ronnie isn’t so good humored and calls Cynthia out on her unwelcome additions since he figures Oscar Wilde is hard to improve upon.  Eugene also makes the mistake of getting onto her about changing the script. Cynthia runs up to Ronnie demanding he cut “Wooden Features” (Eugene) from the play and recast.  She’s just cross because she found out the Mathers siblings are broke *after* she’d successfully managed to get her golden boy Ralph engaged to Madeleine. The Viceroy raises his hands in bemusement as Cynthia storms off the stage, but he is such a gentleman that he uses the time to study his script. He keeps an eye on his watch though, so she better watch it. I hope he steps on all of her lines! Continue reading

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More Patrick Malahide Photos from the Luther Filming

My favorite photo.

My favorite photo.

These photos were taken by Contact Music  around March 19th at Southwark Bridge in London. Patrick Malahide looks fantastic in his fedora and sharp outfit.  You can tell this is going to be a really good production. :-)

It looks like Mr. Malahide’s character is giving some information.  It is certainly a stark contrast from the earlier set of production snaps when he was being roughly manhandled by DCI Luther!

I’m guessing he’s playing a bad guy…but who knows.




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Random Malahide Picture 10: Governor Ainslee in “Cutthroat Island”

“Hey, what’s that over there??”  😉  It’s been a while since we’ve had a Random Malahide, and this one seems sort of appropriate for April Fool’s Day.  Here’s a photo I found on a Polish site, which was taken during the filming of 1995’s “Cutthroat Island“. Mr. Malahide as Governor Ainslee is having a very refined tea with Captain Dawg (Frank Langella),  while surrounded by Dawg’s merry band of pirates (they look merry, don’t they?).  Ainslee’s luckless and downtrodden assistant/gofer Trotter (“Trot-TAAAHH!!“), played by Angus Wright, is on the far left.  Click for a larger size.

Teatime with Governor Ainslee and Captain Dawg<br>(Source:,1461,Wyspa-piratow)  Patrick Malahide as Governor Ainslee

Teatime with Governor Ainslee and Captain Dawg

Believe me when I say that Ainslee and Dawg are the best characters in the movie.  In fact, if you were only to watch their scenes, you might be fooled into thinking it was an enjoyable romp – but unfortunately, there are rather large segments featuring Geena Davis and Matthew Modine, too, which turn the whole thing horribly Mary Sue-ish.  I’m sure it all sounded great on paper, but it didn’t quite turn out that way.  You can read my review to find out why.  In any case, I do like the juxtaposition of the lace tablecloth, dainty tea set, and Ainslee’s foppish uniform and fashionably pale make-up with all of the ruffian pirates around him (and Trotter).  :-)

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Patrick Malahide in Indian Summers S01E07 Promo Clip

Channel 4 have added this great little video to their YouTube channel. Ralph is trying to convince the Viceroy, Lord Willingdon and Cynthia Coffin to postpone the annual play. I like how fidgety the Viceroy is around the 50second mark. There is a lot tension there. This is a really intriguing and well-acted scene. I can’t wait to see it in full context.

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