Favouritest Grabs Ever – First Edition

We’ve accumulated a lot of screen grabs of Mr. Malahide’s work on the Appreciation by now and, of course, some have become our favourites.  Fearless Admin and I thought it might be fun to present a few of these grabs and discuss just why it is we find them so appealing, or what’s striking or interesting about them.  So without further ado, here’s the first installment of our Favouritest Grabs Ever.

RF’s Picks:

Jack Turner, looking especially noir-ish in "Hunted"  - Favouritest Grabs Ever

Jack Turner, looking especially noir-ish in “Hunted”

What’s Going On in this Picture?

RF:  It’s from Episode Three, “Hourglass“, of the 2012 series “Hunted“.  Mr. Malahide as crimelord extraordinaire, Jack Turner, is at a four-star hotel to begin bidding for a dam in Pakistan that he wants very badly.  While he’s there, one of his Redshirt security guards mysteriously disappears (not really, he’s been killed by one of the supposed “good guys”) so Jack summons Patrik Lindberg, a hapless Swedish executive who’ll be in charge of running the dam if he wins the bid, to a late night meeting by a lake to shed some light on the situation.  He’s smoking a cigar while waiting for Lindberg to arrive in the picture.

Why is This One a Favourite?

RF:  I had no idea how well this grab turned out until I took a look at it afterwards.  Admin and I have gotten many grabs of Mr. Malahide with smoke wreathing his head as various characters (and he usually looks great in all of them), but this one in particular just looked incredibly fitting for the situation; it’s atmospheric, evocative, and almost seems to be painted.  Jack Turner appears to be straight out of a film noir, combining an air of quiet menace with a sense of “business as usual”.  You get the impression he’s done a lot of these sorts of meetings, and he’s very good at them.

Admin:  Fantastic choice.  He reminds me ever so much of a classic Dick Tracy or The Spirit (many thanks to RFodchuk for introducing me to The Spirit, btw) villain in this view.  There is no doubt whatsoever that he is a very dangerous baddie.  And while we weren’t fans of Hunted‘s subdued color palette, this is one of the few situations where it really worked in  a good way and added to the smokey ambiance.  The one visible eye, the taut yet full lips, the jutting jaw…he just looks so scary, but it’s gorgeous at the same time.
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Patrick Malahide BBC London 94.9 Radio – Recap

Patrick Malahide appeared last month, April 19th, on the Gaby Roslin radio show on BBC London 94.9. He was on for three hours with her other guests (Stacey Solomon, Jules Knight, Kimberley Wilson, and Anne Reid) so the conversation was loose and informal. This won’t be a transcript since it was just too fiddly to do that. Instead it will be a paraphrased recap.

Gaby Roslin mentioned Mr. Malahide’s beautiful voice (and rightfully so), “you could ask anybody to do anything and they’d do it.” “Really?” Surely he wasn’t surprised? He joked, “I wish you’d told me that earlier.”

Stacy Solomon sang her song “Shy.” PM said that she reminds him of a young Carole King. She really liked that :-)

Big finish: ♪ "And still the notes “God save the Queen" / Be blent wi' Auld lang Syne.” ♫

Doing a spot of singing here:
♪ “And still the notes “God save the Queen” /
Be blent wi’ Auld lang Syne.” ♫

Then they played Jules Knight’s song “It’s Only Life.” PM was asked if he sang. He said he’d really like to be able to sing. He did when he was very young, singing treble in choir, but when his voice broke he was pushed into tenor too quickly and it didn’t quite gel. Jules Knight said that sometimes to happens to boys when their voices break.

They talked a bit about “celebrity” and PM pointed out that when he was doing Minder, it was regularly getting ratings of about 16 million which is simply tremendous, especially by today’s standards. He would often be called out “OI! Chisholm” on the streets.

I wonder if he loves to boogie?

I wonder if he loves to boogie?

Gaby played “I Love to Boogie” by T-Rex. Jules Knight pointed out that it was on the Billy Elliot soundtrack. PM played the ballet school principal (clip here) in the film and was an “obstacle” Billy had to overcome.

Kimberley Wilson, from the Great British Bake Off,  discussed her Glamorous Jam Company. PM seemed very intrigued by the unique flavor pairings blackberry & amaretto (that does sound good) and orange & cardamon. Gaby noticed PM was giving Continue reading

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Wished For Roles 10: Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding

This is one that I’ve had in mind for a long time.  There’s at least one remake of “The Battle of Britain” movie that might be underway (I say “might be”, because I’m not sure of its current status), but even without that, I think Mr. Malahide would be an ideal candidate to play Air Chief Marshal Hugh Dowding, the man responsible for much of the Royal Air Force’s success during the Battle of Britain in World War II.

Remarkable resemblance, isn't it?  Mr. Malahide on the left, Air Chief Marshal Dowding on the right.<br>(Sources:  patrickmalahide.net and dailymail.co.uk)  Patrick Malahide as Air Chief Marshal Hugh "Stuffy" Dowding

Remarkable resemblance, isn’t it?
Mr. Malahide on the left, Air Chief Marshal Dowding on the right.
(Sources: patrickmalahide.net and dailymail.co.uk)

Why?  Well, for starters, just look at them!  I think there’s quite a resemblance.  We already know that Mr. Malahide looks smashing in an RAF uniform (see the “Dead Letter” episode of “Danger UXB” for proof), but there’s also the fact that Dowding was an extremely interesting character in his own right.

A fighter pilot himself during World War I, Dowding was brought in to assume command of the newly created RAF Fighter Command in 1936.  When war became imminent, he postponed his retirement in order to stay in command until the conclusion of the Battle of Britain in November 1940.  During his tenure, he instituted such innovations as the use of radar, a network of volunteer observers, ground-controlled raid plotting, and radio control of aircraft movement (unheard of in WWI).  He also supported the development and use of more modern aircraft, such as the Hurricane and Spitfire.  However, he could also be a bit stodgy; he was reluctant to allow foreign pilots to undertake combat sorties until the RAF was so pressed for available manpower that he had no choice.  But his conservative approach to allocation of resources and planes – hotly contested at the time – was likely one of the decisive factors in Britain’s victory.
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Stock Photos of Patrick Malahide

These are from Yooniq Images.  There are several lovely ones.  Pictured here photos from Comfort and Joy, December Bride, Two Deaths (need to see that one), A Month in the Country, and Beautician and the Beast.

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Cute Relics (Played by Patrick Malahide)

So once again, Fearless Admin and I have discovered another common theme running through a number of Mr. Malahide’s characters.  Besides Disappointed Dads, Clergymen, Cads (Classic and Modern), Forties, and Obsessed Gentlemen, we have also found that a number of them could be considered Cute Relics.  These are the guys who are a little bit behind the times (usually very much on purpose), but retain their own peculiar form of antiquated charm – frequently despite themselves.  They would be horrified to know we were noticing them, let alone gushing over them.  So let’s do some gushing.  😉

Balon Greyjoy  |  Ebenezer Balfour  |  Edward Casaubon  |  Lord Willingdon  |  Mr. Quarles  |  D.S. Chisholm  |  Who’s the Cutest Relic?

Balon Greyjoy
(Game of Thrones, 2012 – 2013)

Type of Relic:

Usually found on the seashore, in a bad mood  Cute Relics (Played by Patrick Malahide)

Usually found on the seashore, in a bad mood

RF:  The kind you find on the seashore, somewhat worn by waves and being rubbed with sand.  Probably festooned with seaweed, covered in barnacles, and in a bad mood.  Would look a lot better if tidied up a bit.

Admin:  He does seem rather a part of the sea and islands.  He’s salty and crusty and made of iron.

What Are His Relic-ish Tendencies?

RF:  Balon is an interesting mix of the old and new.  On the one hand, he’s ready to break tradition by handing over the reign of the Iron Islands to his daughter, Yara, rather than to his only remaining son, Theon (whom he well knows is a total screw-up who’d end up giving the Islands away to the Boltons in no time flat).  On the other hand, Balon still wants to wage rebellion the old-fashioned way, not really recognizing that Westeros has changed since he was an ambitious young pirate.

Admin:  Yep, he’s very much obsessed with the history of his people and living up to (and exceeding) their reaving, warring, pillaging ways.   And he loves reminding everyone (or at least Theon) of the Ironborn Rules of Conduct.  We do not pay gold for our baubles and we do not sow.  You can’t even give him something for free since he’d take it as insult, kill you, and then take it anyway.

Why Is He a Relic?

In his Sulking Chair, thinking Relic thoughts

In his Sulking Chair, thinking Relic thoughts

RF:  Because he likes it that way, darn it!  Who are all these young whippersnappers running around all over Westeros?  Don’t they even know how to wage a proper rebellion any more?  Get off his beach!!

Admin: Well, he’s certainly had time to fester and become even more relic-like.  He waited quite a few years for Theon to be released from the Starks and stewed in his own obsessions for all that time.

RF:  True.  Once Robert Baratheon was dead, there was really nothing stopping Balon from going to get Theon on his own.  Maybe he decided it wasn’t worth it as long as he had Yara around.
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Patrick Malahide filming for Luther – Another Nice Photo

This picture was found on BBC’s Instagram page.  It is another look at Patrick Malahide filming for LutherYou can see the other posts on this here. Mr. Malahide looks fantastic. We are really looking forward to seeing the episodes when they air.

Patrick Malahide filming Luther Source:  BBC Instagram

Patrick Malahide filming Luther Source: BBC Instagram

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Patrick Malahide Radio Stoke Transcript

Showing her some hot moves.

Change the station.  Patrick Malahide is on the BBC.

As mentioned in a previous post, Patrick Malahide appeared on the James Watt BBC Radio Stoke program on April 20th, 2015 to discuss Indian Summers and promote its DVD release.

The lovely RFodchuk typed up the transcript for posterity, and here it is :-)

James Watt: [Introduces PM by mentioning the DVD and says he has one of the stars of the show, Patrick Malahide, on the air.]

Patrick Malahide: [Says it’s nice to be there.]

JW: You’ve been a face on tv for many years and people will instantly recognize your face, but not instantly maybe recognize your name.

PM: Well, it depends, you know. It comes and goes. There are times when you are very recognizable and people call out your name, but then it goes a bit quiet, and then it comes around again. That’s the benefit of doing it–

JW: [laughs] Nature of the business.

PM: It’s also the benefit of doing it for 45 years. You know you can’t be on top all the time.

JW: I was [indistinct] this makes me sad. I was most excited about… this may age me… guess what I know you for most. Ages you… myself.  “Minder”.

PM: Yeah. Well, that’s what I was thinking about when you said, you know, people don’t necessarily know you. When we were shooting “Minder”, 16 million people watched it every Wednesday night at nine o’clock, so that’s a lot of people. You kind of think, “who’s running the fire stations?”

JW: [laughs]

PM: But then, you couldn’t walk down the street without people going, “OY, Chisholm!” They certainly knew the character’s name, that’s for sure.

"OY, Chisholm!"

“OY, Chisholm!”

Admin: Honestly! Plenty of people know Patrick Malahide’s name and know that they are in for an enjoyable performance anytime they see his name appear in the begin credits. That said, I can’t help but wonder how annoying it must get hearing “OY, Chisholm!” all the time. I know it is testament to what a character he is, and Chisholm is a great character, but hopefully the street calls didn’t get too tiring.

RF:  Yeah, I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to realize that people recognize Mr. Malahide by his name as well as his face!  And a lot of people still recognize Mr. Malahide as Chisholm – “Minder” is frequently shown in reruns – so I don’t think it’s that dated a reference.   Completely agreed that Chisholm is a very memorable character, and that being yelled at in the street has the potential to be extremely annoying.  Still, I’m sure it’s far more tempting to call out, “OY, Chisholm!” rather than, say, “OY, Casaubon!”  😉  And Mr. Malahide’s description of the cyclical nature of popular fame seems very accurate.

Admin:  OY, Casaubon doesn’t have quite the same ring. :) Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide on Radio Kent

There was yet another radio program that Patrick Malahide appeared on while promoting Indian Summers.  He spoke with Dominic West for BBC Radio Kent in a pre-recorded interview on April 22.  It is still available on iPlayer until March 22.  Link here.

It was a really good interview, as they all were, I especially liked the bit where did a really fun and cute impression of the British Pathe narrators.  Here’s the link to the real Lord Willingdon’s British Pathe video.  I made a short little clip with the Pathe reference since it is so fun :-)  The audio in my recording is a little low, so you might want to adjust speakers.

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Patrick Malahide & Cirdan Sailing Trust & The One Game DVD News

Patrick Malahide with the Cirdan Trust Source: Cirdan Sailing Trust

Patrick Malahide at the Cirdan Trust Source: Cirdan Sailing Trust

Two exciting bits of news in this post.

Patrick Malahide is an Ambassador for an organization called the Cirdan Sailing Trust.  On April 2 2015, they posted this to their page

New Sails for Faramir

We had the pleasure of welcoming two special visitors aboard Faramir last Wednesday. Cirdan’s founder, the Rev. Canon Bill Broad donated a new mainsail and No2 jib and officially handed them over to Faramir’s skipper Ed Humphries and long term Cirdan volunteer, Ann Lee. Along with a few friends and supporters, Bill was accompanied by Cirdan Ambassador, actor Patrick Malahide – recently in Game of Thrones and Indian Summers.  After the sail hand over, Patrick and Bill went on to look around Cirdan’s other vessels still in winter refit, Duet in Bradwell and Queen Galadriel in dry dock in Maldon.

Here is more about them, again from their website,

The Cirdan Trust was founded in 1983 to serve young people in the south east of England and the Faramir Trust in 1991 to do the same for those of the north east.  In 2002, the two trusts were conjoined under the title The Cirdan Sailing Trust.

Today the Trust operates three boats, Duet, Faramir and Queen Galadriel to take mainly disadvantaged young people on sailing trips.

It is clear that sailing is extremely close to Mr. Malahide’s heart and he obviously believes in giving others a chance to experience it.

Magnus and friends approve.

Magnus and friends approve.

I notice they take their name and the names of their ships from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  You know who would totally approve of that naming convention?  Magnus, that’s who. 😉

And that brings me to the second neat find.  Network DVD will be releasing The One Game!!   It will be released June 29th.  This is great news because prior to now it has mainly been available on the very expen$ive $econdary market or on YouTube.    The cover art looks really cool.  You can read my little recap of The One Game here.

The One Game Source: Network DVD

The One Game Source: Network DVD

From Network DVD

One of the defining telefantasy series of 1980s television, The One Game is a prescient mix of first-person gaming, political chicanery and Arthurian myth, starring Stephen Dillane in a powerful early role and Patrick Malahide as the enigmatic, malevolent Magnus. Directed by Mike Vardy, written by John Brown and sporting a haunting theme tune from Chameleon, The One Game hits an unequivocally high watermark for British fantasy television.

Games tycoon Nicholas Thorne is drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse when his bank accounts are emptied and his company threatened with hostile takeover. Compelled to follow clue after clue and win game after game, he realises with a shock that the only person capable of perpetrating this attack on his life is his ex-partner, Magnus. But Magnus has been dead for years…

Defining telefantasy series. :-)  I like that description.  And it is apt.  The One Game really is a brilliant series, and is hugely fun to watch.   I think this will be of extreme interest to modern day computer game players and also fans of The Game of Thrones series.

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Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S01E09

It's tough to be the Viceroy  Patrick Malahide as Lord Willingdon in Indian Summers, S01E09

It’s tough to be the Viceroy

Indian Summers, S01E09 is the penultimate episode for the first series, and the final one to feature Patrick Malahide’s Lord Willingdon (we presume he’ll be conveniently “away on business” for the finale) until series 2, so we’re hoping some of those plot points that have been juggling furiously in the air begin to reach their conclusions, while still others are set up for the future.  When last seen in S01E07 (ably reviewed by Admin), Lord W. took a break from Viceregal duties to play the role of curly-haired young rebel Algernon Moncrieff (as Admin says, total typecasting 😉 ) in the Simla Gaiety Club’s amateur production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.   Lord W. happily basked in applause while his private secretary, Ralph Whelan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes), tried unsuccessfully to drag his attention back onto Untouchables matters.  But in this episode, he’s forced to pay heed to more serious concerns as the Viceregal office undertakes ticklish negotiations with the Nawab of Jaffran (Silas Carson).  The reason is a little vague… something to do with rallies and power plants?… but the deal is important enough for the Viceroy to give Ralph a special briefing beforehand.

Secrets, Meddling, and Blackmail

Wow, Eugene was sicker than anyone thought.

Wow, Eugene was sicker than anyone thought.

But there are a few other details to clear up first.  After being exiled by Cynthia Coffin (Julie Walters) into one of the Club’s more cramped, dank basement rooms for inability to pay his bills, Eugene Mathers (Edward Hogg) suddenly drops dead of malaria overnight.  A little more indication he was that deathly ill might’ve made his demise seem a little less abrupt, but there you have it.  A flashback tells us that Eugene was apparently an architect, who came to India to do… something, we’re not quite sure what.  In any case, he’s already been packed into an urn by his next appearance and his poor sister Madeleine (Olivia Grant), Ralph’s fiancée, is prostrate with grief.  We never did find out why their relationship seemed so oddly creepy.  I think she’ll be the only one who truly misses him.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, Cynthia uses Eugene’s death to “suggest” to Madeleine that she return to the States with Eugene’s ashes right away, thereby separating her from Ralph and erasing Cynthia’s mistake in matching up Ralph with the World’s Poorest Steel Heiress.  Surprisingly, Madeleine agrees to go without a fight (which I found rather disappointing), so Cynthia immediately has her faithful majordomo Kaiser (Indi Nadarajah) book her return passage; Cynthia’s big on sledgehammer-type A-to-B solutions.  She even tells Kaiser Madeleine won’t be back once she’s gone because “women like that” never return.  Neither Madeleine nor Cynthia bothers to tell Ralph his fiancée is leaving; presumably Cynthia will spin her own version of Madeleine’s reasons once Ralph notices she’s gone.

Sarah (left), in the process of losing her last marble

Sarah (left), in the process of losing her last marble

Indeed, Ralph is already a little preoccupied with the Nawab’s visit.  While he lobbies Cynthia to remove the Simla Club’s infamous “No dogs or Indians” sign as a one-off concession to the Viceroy for the occasion (Cynthia’s extremely grudging about it, not just because she’s horrifically racist (well, that too), but because the sign is a relic of her late husband, Reggie), Sarah Raworth (Fiona Glascott) has been pushed to her own extremes, losing (as Admin says) her last marble.  She accuses Alice (Jemima West), Ralph’s sister, of encouraging Sarah’s husband Dougie’s (Craig Parkinson) attentions to Leena (Amber Rose Revah), his half-caste assistant.  Alice denies it even though she has been encouraging the relationship, telling Leena she should follow true love.  Mind you, Alice should know better than to put Leena on the firing line since she’s more aware than most that Sarah is just a tad obsessive and vindictive.  Bent on revenge, Sarah threatens to reveal Alice’s secret at the Club’s big party;  namely, that Alice is not a widow.  Instead, she deserted her husband to run away to India with her baby and has been masquerading as a widow ever since.  Fearing the social fallout, Alice begs her to reconsider, but Sarah’s gone a wee bit ’round the bend and refuses to listen.  She’s determined to wreck havoc on Alice’s life.
Continue for more synopsis and a gallery

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