Analysis of a Scene XXVII: D.I. Brennan Chews Out D.C. Reid in “Amnesia”

D.I. Brennan: No-nonsense practicality personified Patrick Malahide as D.I. Brennan in "Amnesia"

D.I. Brennan: No-nonsense practicality personified

Time for an Analysis of a Scene featuring one of our favourite Malahide characters, D.I. Brennan from the 2004 miniseries, “Amnesia“.  In this scene, D.C. Ian Reid (Brendan Coyle) has begun to suspect his partner, D.S. Mackenzie Stone (John Hannah), of having something to do with the disappearance of his (Stone’s) wife, Lucia (Beatriz Batarda).  Stone’s memories of the day are muddled, but he believes that a mysterious amnesiac, John Dean (Anthony Calf), may have been responsible for Lucia’s disappearance, although his confidence is being steadily undermined by the receipt of anonymous notes accusing him of doing it.  However, Reid is convinced Stone is sending the notes to himself to throw off suspicion, and he further believes Stone might’ve killed Lucia because he found out she was having an affair – and as it turns out, the affair was with him, which impresses Brennan not at all.  As the scene opens, Brennan has had a chance to sleep on Reid’s theories and come to some conclusions himself.

[Brennan swipes himself into his office with his I.D. card]
Brennan [peremptorily]:  Reid…
Reid:  Morning, boss.
Brennan:  Door.
[Brennan hangs up his jacket.]

"Reid... Door." Patrick Malahide as D.I. Brennan in "Amnesia"

“Reid… Door.”

RF:  I love Brennan’s peremptory manner.  You just know already that it bodes no good for Reid.  I also like the way he very tidily hangs up his jacket.  This is a man who pays attention to details.

Admin: “Door” — I’m pretty certain that is code for “you are in such hot water.” Brennan’s manner is incredibly focused and determined.  His expression shows that he is steeling himself for a discussion that will leave him demoralized no matter how it goes.

Reid:  I didn’t sleep a wink last night.
Brennan [incredulously]:  Really?  Well, frankly, I don’t know how you slept for the past, uh… sorry, how long was it you were screwing your best mate’s missus?  [Paces around Reid]  So, she, um… obviously hasn’t made any contact with you, has she, otherwise you wouldn’t be standing there accusing him [Stone] of killing her.
Reid:  No.

Brennan: "Well, frankly, I don't know how you slept for the past, uh... sorry, how long was it you were screwing your best mate's missus?"

Brennan: “Well, frankly, I don’t know how you slept
for the past, uh… sorry, how long was it you were screwing
your best mate’s missus?”

RF:  Reid comes into the discussion expecting Brennan to be on his side, judging by his ever-so-slight swagger, but he’s soon disabused of that notion.  Evidently Brennan believes in a code of conduct that includes the tenet, “Don’t have an affair with your best mate’s wife”, and he’s none too impressed with Reid for having violated it.  I like the way he paces around Reid in a display of leashed intensity, while continuing to direct a hard, unblinking glare his way – it’s a calculated bit of dominance and psychological pressure that sets Reid back on his heels.  For his part, Reid now looks rather glum.

Doing a bit of pacing

Doing a bit of pacing

Admin: Yeah, I think Reid thought they were going to have some shared commiseration over lack of sleep, but there was none to be had.  Brennan’s pacing demonstrates a lot of pent up energy which shows how heavily this has weighed on his conscience.  His disgust with Reid is palpable.
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Patrick Malahide as George Wilkins

Patrick Malahide

Not George Wilkins, but this guy from Sahara will do instead.

So, I saw Bridget Jones’s Baby.  It is cute and funny and pretty much what you expect of Bridget.   Patrick Malahide appears at the beginning as the foreign secretary (or something like that) George Wilkins.  He’s a lot cuter than Boris Johnson. 😉  I noticed that Wilkins has a thing for very brightly colored socks.  He wore a very conservative suit with incredibly loud socks. Awwww 🙂

I don’t have any pictures of him, (you’re not allowed to snap pics of the movie screen), but he looked incredibly fetching and official.  No surprise there, right?

Anyway, his scene is hilarious.  Wilkins appears on the news program Bridget directs to talk about the death of some mad despot with a funny name.  But, it all goes haywire because newscaster Miranda (Sarah Solemani) confuses Bridget’s private phone conversation (which Miranda is hearing in her earpiece) for the questions she should be asking Mr. Wilkins.   Yes, they are inappropriate.  Patrick Malahide’s expressions are epic.

It is a good movie with lots of laughs, and it is lovely to see Patrick Malahide on the big screen.  🙂



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Random Malahide Picture 17 and Indian Summers PBS Info

Indian Summers series 2 began airing on PBS stations last night (Sunday 10pm).  As was the case last year, the PBS version contains scenes that were cut from Channel 4.  PBS has uploaded some photos including one of Patrick Malahide and Art Malik which seems to have been cut from C4.

The Viceroy and the Maharajah. Source: PBS Masterpiece

The Viceroy and the Maharajah. Source: PBS Masterpiece

This is a lovely photo, and I’m looking forward to seeing this scene presuming it airs.   Patrick Malahide looks so effortlessly elegant in his lounge chair.

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Patrick Malahide as DS Chisholm in A Nice Little Wine

A Nice Little Wine

In Minder S02E07, A Nice Little Wine, Arthur Daley tries to get into the wine business by buying a large £900 lot from dodgy wine merchant Clive Stannard (Peter Jeffrey) .  Later Clive is drugged and robbed, the £900 and all, by a call girl.  He thinks Daley is behind it. Clive threatens to get a thug,”Big” Billy Gresham, to deal with the matter unless Daley gets the dough back.

With stellar (nah) detective work, Arthur and Terry get the money back from Bettina the bent call girl (Rachel Davies).  They even recompense Burt Kwouk who cameos as a Japanese businessman Bettina robbed.

Finally Some Chisholm

My old friend Detective Sergeant Chisholm.

My old friend Detective Sergeant Chisholm.

Daley goes to the Winchester to give Clive the £900 back.  Luckily, Chisholm got there first.  By orders from the division inspector Chisholm is bringing Clive in for a “little chat” over a consignment of wine “purchased” in Dover.  Arthur is uncharacteristically glad to see his “old friend Detective Sergeant Chisholm”.  The always suspicious Chisholm isn’t surprised that Clive and Arthur know each other.  Daley valiantly tries to  assure Chisholm that he is only recently acquainted with slippery Clive.

Daley tests waters and asks Clive about that other acquaintance…Billy Gresham.

Daley: "How's your other friend...Billy Gresham?"

Daley: “How’s your other friend…Billy Gresham?”

Chisholm:  “Big Billy Gresham. He’s just gone inside…no bail granted…protective custody.” I love it. Chisholm’s smug expression and tone show that he knows he is delivering very bad news for Clive.  Arthur reaches into his pocket as though to retrieve the money, but Clive quickly puts a stop to that.  He doesn’t want to get in any more trouble. Continue reading

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Patrick Malahide In New Bridget Jones Film

bridgetI just found this on Patrick Malahide’s IMDB.  He is appearing in the upcoming release “Bridget Jones’s Baby”.  He will be playing a character named “George Wilkins”.   It will be in theatres September 16.


Isolated and alone together Patrick Malahide in A Month In the Country

Best Rom-Com ever! 😉

Of course, the film also stars Colin Firth (Mark Darcy).  It would be cool if he and Mr. Malahide get a scene together.  Maybe a scene that is a bit less frosty than the ones they had in “A Month in the Country“. 😉


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Patrick Malahide as Cardinal Wolsey – BBC Radio 3

Henry's daughter had better taste in associates.

Henry’s daughter had better taste in associates. Source: IMDB

You can hear Patrick Malahide appear as Cardinal Wolsey in a re-broadcast of William Shakespeare’s and John Fletcher’s  “Henry VIII”.  Listen here.  The link is good until about September 28th.

From the BBC 3 Radio page:

In 1509, the 17-year-old Henry acceded to the throne of England. Shakespeare’s play, co-authored with John Fletcher, opens with the arrest for treason of the Duke of Buckingham 12 years later, and tells the story of Henry’s struggle to divorce Katherine of Aragon, and the catastrophic fall of the all-powerful Cardinal Wolsey.

Patrick Malahide is wonderful as Wolsey.  He is confident, greedy, full of false modesty and even shows a bit of charm which he levels at the ladies while throwing his lavish parties.   But, his downfall quickly makes him a far more humble man.  His final scene with Thomas Cromwell (Paul Rider) is actually very pitiable.  As Wosley, Patrick Malahide’s voice is full of intrigue, gusto, sweetness, and pathos depending on the scene.  He really gets those emotions across and makes it all very accessible to modern listeners.

Mr. Malahide uses a very attractive country sounding accent.  His Wolsey clearly comes from a different sort of background than the king and his court.  I looked on Wikipedia and learned that he was widely thought to have been the son of a butcher and cattle dealer.  I think that aspect really comes across in Mr. Malahide’s performance and also helps illustrate Wolsey’s ambitious nature.

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The One Game on DVD

Meanwhile, Magnus has had time to get back to London, change clothes, and hang out on the rooftop across from Sorceror to watch the bigwigs arrive for the takeover meeting.

Magnus.  Pretty much the coolest wizard ever.

“The One Game” is now available for order via Network as a UK Region 2 PAL release.

It is a fantastic series that has been out-of-print for far too long.  Patrick Malahide is just perfect as Magnus.

Here is a spot-on synopsis of what it’s all about from Network’s YouTube page along with a short video clip.

One of the defining tele-fantasy series of 1980s television, The One Game is a prescient mix of first-person gaming, political chicanery and Arthurian myth, starring Stephen Dillane in a powerful early role and Patrick Malahide as the enigmatic, malevolent Magnus. Directed by Mike Vardy, written by John Brown and sporting a haunting theme tune from Chameleon, The One Game hits an unequivocally high-water mark for British fantasy television.


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Adorkable Nerds (Played by Patrick Malahide)

Proving once again that Mr. Malahide’s characters defy categorization – or just have many facets to them – Admin and I were pondering bow ties (okay, I was  😉 ) and the characters most likely to wear them when we realized that many of Mr. Malahide’s characters could actually be said to be… nerdy.  But not merely nerdy, adorkably nerdy, which is a far better sort of nerdiness.  And they’re always where you’d least expect to find them, too.  So here are a few of our favourite Adorkable Nerds played by Patrick Malahide.

Rev. Edward Casaubon  |  Edward Ryder  |  Mr. Lancing  |  John Harrison  |
George Bucsan  |  D.S. Albert Chisholm  |  Arthur Frommer  |  Most Adorkable Nerd of All

RF:  My choices for Adorkable Nerds:

The Rev. Edward Casaubon
(“Middlemarch“, 1994)

Type of Nerd:

The Research Nerd in his natural habitat Adorkable Nerds played by Patrick Malahide

The Research Nerd in his natural habitat

Total Research Nerd.  Like, research to the exclusion of all else, including a happy marriage and a life that involves something other than libraries.  Casaubon spends so much time in libraries that he has trouble interacting with other warm-blooded beings, and looks as though he might not be all that warm-blooded himself.  He could use some fresh air and sunshine.

What’s His Area of Nerd Expertise?

Oh God, what have I done with my life??

Oh God, what have I done with my life??

Obscure mythologies, religions, philosophy, and cosmology, all of which Casaubon hopes to draw together into one masterful tome, The Key to All Mythologies, containing his unified theory as to how they all tie together and cementing his place in Nerd History.  The tricky bit is that he’s been researching for so long that he’s forgotten exactly what he wants to do with all the material he’s collected.  But he can’t seem to stop researching and collecting!  If he has to stop collecting and start consolidating, then he has to admit to himself that he has no idea what he’s doing, which would be/is truly scary for him.

More Adorkable or More Nerdy?

Dorothea, trying to decide if he's more Adorkable or more Nerdy

Dorothea, trying to decide if he’s more Adorkable or more Nerdy

In Casaubon’s case, I’d have to say his Adorkableness is in the eye of the beholder – in this case, his wife, Dorothea (Juliet Aubrey).   Fortunately for Casaubon, Dorothea actually finds his Nerdiness somewhat alluring; she believes he’s on the verge of producing a great work, and she genuinely wants to help him with it.  Unfortunately, she only finds out after marrying him that he’s quite willing to let his Nerdiness intrude when they should be getting to know each other better.  So… I think Dorothea actually finds him quite Adorkable, but gets frustrated by all the Nerdiness, too.  However, the other inhabitants of Middlemarch merely find Casaubon insufferably dry and boring, with Mrs. Cadwallader accusing him (not to his face) of having blood that’s all “semicolons and parentheses”.
Continue reading

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Something Neat XXXIV: Pickwick Illustrations and Set Design

As RFodchuk has pointed out on this blog, The Pickwick Papers BBC series featuring Patrick Malahide as Mr. Jingle was remarkably faithful to the original illustrations by “Phiz“.   I found these lovely animated gif/illustration comparisons blogged on Tumblr and was impressed at how close the similarity is.  Plus, a couple of them have our favorite lovable scoundrel, Mr. Jingle, who is always nice to look at 🙂  Link just in case the embed below doesn’t work or load for you.

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Inspector Alleyn Mysteries on the Drama Channel

The Drama channel (UK) has a lovely website dedicated to Inspector Alleyn Mysteries.  They even have some episodes that you can watch for the month, of course you have to live in the UK (and for all I know be a Sky subscriber) to do that.  Boo!  Hiss! 😉

The perfect gentleman detective. Source: Drama

The perfect gentleman detective. Source: Drama

I love the way they accurately describe Inspector Alleyn.

Inspector Alleyn oozes quiet charisma – he’s the sort of chap whose perfect poise and refined voice makes onlookers melt in his presence. link

That sums him up perfectly.

Exuding sophistication. Source: Drama

Exuding sophistication. Source: Drama

They even talk a little bit about other gentleman detectives.  Well, none of them quite match up to Alleyn, though I do like Campion quite a bit.

Inspector Alleyn is the very essence of the gentleman detective. First of all, he’s of fine breeding. Consider the fact that he went to Eton, and his brother is called Sir George Alleyn. That should give you some idea of how blue his blood is, as will the way he speaks. Alleyn has the clipped, immaculate English accent of a mid-20th Century BBC announcer, and you just know he has an unfaltering command of grammar as well. (And let’s not ignore the fact that his first name is Roderick, for heaven’s sake.)

A dramatic, very Binney-like silhouette signals Alleyn's arrival at Ribblethorpe...

But it certainly isn’t all tea and crumpets. Source: Hand in Glove

Existing in a realm of exclusive London clubs, stately homes and government offices – he has a shady sideline in espionage – Inspector Alleyn exudes the sort of sophistication you just don’t see much of nowadays. In fact, just watching him work for a few minutes will make you feel nostalgic for an era you’re probably too young to even remember. Ahhh. link

Of course, we have some pretty amazing Alleyn resources on this blog, if you would like more gorgeous photos and in-depth recaps courtesy of RFodchuk be sure to have a look.

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